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mstevensonJune 6, 2008

My daughter teaches 3rd grade and she is wanting to hang a tattle tail in her classroom that she can tell the kids to talk to when they need to tattle. Does anyone have any ideas on how to make something? Thanks

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Why not simply tie a knot a couple of inches from the end of a 2 foot rope & fray it out to mimic something like a cow or lion tail?

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I know what your daughter is going through - I teach, too. When I taught 2nd grade, I had a "tattle box": It was a shoe box covered in fun paper, with a hole in the top. The kids had to WRITE their tattle down and stick it in the box. At the end of the week, I would open the top, pull out some of the little pieces of paper and start to read them aloud. After 3 weeks of that, the kids got the idea - tattles weren't right and a few days later, were downright annoying (and sometimes sounded really funny and stupid).

But how about making an animal wall hanging from fabric? Something like a lion with a big mane and a long tail, that she could hang on her wall, that would be cute as well as functional.

Have fun with this one -


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Thanks Donna, That is a really good idea. She is doing her room in monkeys this year. So I may make a sock monkey with a pocket in it where they could put a note. Thanks for the idea.


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