Faucets repair help please

birdgardnerOctober 12, 2013

Lavatory faucet Kohler Fairfax widespread. Both sides leaking under handles. Popped off top buttons, unscrewed screws, cannot lift/remove handles to get at cartridge.


Kitchen Delta Foundations Single Lever Pullout faucet, leaking under handle. Removed set screw in handle, sprayed inside with vinegar and WD 40, cannot remove handle to get at ball valve.


Personal rant: what good is a lifetime parts warranty when lifetime means 12 years and 5 years respectively, AND there are no d--- instructions AND the things won't come apart?

I put these (deleted) in just fine but now I can't fix them. I paid good money and I HATE working with sinks. Especially under them. Give me a toilet any day.

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Buy a handle puller and when you re-installl use a little faucet lube, which you should have done in the first place.

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You need a handle puller. Once you get the handles up, you probably still have to remove the bodies under them. try unscrewing with both hands, or use a small strap wrench.

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Thanks. I see how the handle puller will work for the lavatory handles but not for the single handle kitchen faucet. The center shaft would have to go right into the handle. Do they make a different kind for that or is there some other trick ? I thought of fitting a wood brace under it and tapping the brace with a hammer.

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Since any repairs or adjustments require that the handle be removed, remove the set screw and, repeatedly, apply your chemicals, CLR, vinegar or lime away, into that space.
Attempt to move the handle in s motion adverse to its normal motion.

If all else fails, be prepared to sacrifice the handle.

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