Please advise water leaking into brick house

amyoyoOctober 21, 2012

I live in a 1927 brick bungalow in Denver. Water has been leaking into the house and has caused considerable damage to the dry wall and downstairs floors.

It seems to be a problem caused by water trapped next to the house in an area with a concrete lip. I am thinking that creating good drainage away from this area (and no plants) will resolve the issue. Also, the brick goes down another 5 feet.


I would really appreciate any feedback on my current plan:

-Fill in the area with dirt above the 'lip' so the water flows over it.

-Seal the brick to protect it from future water damage (I was recommended Block Fill). I am worried about this step as I have read that water-repellent and waterproof coatings can cause damage, but the brick will be covered by dirt so I am wondering if it needs additional protection.

-Should I cover the dirt with something else to protect it further?

Thank you for any advice/feedback.

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dirt should never cover brick.
lowest course of brick should have weep holes
to let any water behind brick out. burying
the weep holes is entry for stuff to enter
wall area behind brick.

sealing bricks to repel water is a bandaid.

you need to put in gutters or some type of drain
to keep water moving out of the area that is dammed
by lip of concrete curb (or whatever is on the
otherside of the 'lip'.)

managing the water away from the walls is ideal.

best of luck.

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Thank you, I wasn't feeling confident about putting so much new dirt in. The 'lip' for lack of a better name borders a pathway around the house, hope this picture gives a better idea. Might be better to take it out completely.

thanks again

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