New to this forum, saying hello

jclepineJune 11, 2009

Hello there. I'm new to this forum and wanted to say hello.

I'm usually on the Rocky Mountain Gardening forum and had no idea there was a sewing forum!

I'm still fairly new to sewing. I learned last summer, thanks to a good friend from the RMG forum, and was not really going far until I was laid off in February.

Now, I'm having a ball, completely addicted and collecting way more fabric than I have room for.

I joined two other sewing forums, one that I just check into now and then to see if a pattern has been reviewed and one I post on when I need help or to offer basic help to even newer sewers.

I haven't tried knits yet, but maybe soon. I've just figured out how to get a neckline to not bunch and am working on my first pintucks. I have not yet tried pants, but I think I'll try an elastic waist first, then maybe five-panel boxers. If all goes well, I've got a pattern for "real" pants that have a fly and a waist band!

I'm sewing on a little Janome Sewist 525s.

Nice to "meet" you all.


P. S. What does the statement at the top of the forum "...please do not try to upload samples as they will get caught in the server's disk drive and bring down the whole Web site!" mean? How are they defining 'samples'? We upload photos and links all the time on the RMG forum. Are they referring to photos? I would think this kind of forum could really benefit from being able to upload photos.

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Welcome to the board!! You'll find it doesn't move very fast,but there are a few of us that check in almost every day.I'm not sure why it doesn't move along as i know there are lots of sewers out there,maybe they're just too busy sewing to check in.Anyway,i hope you enjoy what you do see here.

I never even noticed the statement at the top,but i'm sure it doesn't refer to photos as we do post them here.
I sew on a Viking Rose.

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The statement at the top is a joke...the author intended it to make you laugh! If you notice, each forum has something of the sort and many of them are funny!
Welcome to the sewing forum...there are a bunch of folks here with lots of knowledge. I hope that your come often and enjoy the company.
I'm sorry that you got caught in business woes, but glad that you are enjoying sewing. It is very relaxing for me and I hope for you.

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"I've just figured out how to get a neckline to not bunch "
Watch out! Bayareafrancy has been struggling with necklines! Maybe you can advise her.
Welcome to THS sewing forum. There are lots of good people hanging out here and at the rest of the home forums.
Kathy G in MI, who is watching Budsters mailbox.....

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Thanks for the welcome, all!

Sometimes, forums do not move fast. I am patient!

I should have realized it was a joke...immediately after I posted the thread, I re-read it and considered that it could possibly maybe be a joke, then changed my mind. whoops! Now, it does make me laugh :)

Well, I've only not bunched a neckline once, so I'm not the one to ask, but...

I first pressed the facing while it was right side to right side, then fileted (tidied?) the seam allowances little bit by little bit. BUT, I did not open both of the seam allowances, I just pressed one open. Not sure how to explain that. And, I finally decided to follow directions and NOT iron over the pins. I pinned it back (50 linen, 50 cotton, close to neck neckline with facing, no interfacing), let it rest, took most of the pins out, gave a light spritz with my water mister, let it rest, took all the pins out and then pressed with the tip of the iron very carefully. I had the heat lower than usual on the iron.

This was my fifth neckline!!! Took a lot of attempts and practice and whining...

Thanks again for the welcome!


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