Large Asphalt Crack Repairs?

emmayerOctober 11, 2013

We have a 1/3 mi asphalt driveway. Overall, it's in decent shape, except for 10-15 really large cracks ranging from 1/4" wide to 4"+. We hired a company to fill these cracks and then the plan is to seal the entire driveway in the Spring.

The company spent a lot of time blowing the cracks out so they're perfectly clean. Then they put in concrete (dry) and hot seal on top of it (my verbiage is probably off here). Some of the small cracks look pretty good. They came back and refilled some of the really large ones, but said that the tar-like material flows like lava and it's hard to get them full to the top.

To us, it seems that the cracks probably needed more concrete and then the hot seal on top of it. I attached one pic, I have TONS more. We got our invoice today, $2800....... my call will be going out first thing Monday to inquire that they can't possibly be done based on the dip still there with these cracks.

I am looking for opinions on how hard it is to fill cracks that large, and if our expectations are too high. Some of these cracks were 18' wide (width of the driveway) and roughly 2"-4" wide at parts (and 3-4" deep in some areas too). Thoughts???

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Another picture, this is on a slight slope, so most of the hot tar ended up at the end...but that left us with a LARGE crack still at the top.

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That looks like a mess, can you drive over it without getting it all over the place. Minister & I tried fixing the parking lot, looked lot like your place. Got some asphalt stuff in bags(kind of like concrete mix comes in. That didn't work well. Used tar & sand in smaller ones, little better. Then he mixed up in a small mixer a batch of cement & used a trowel & covered over the top with sand & tar. That lasted the longest but eventually several yrs later some of concrete pieces had worked their way up after breaking & we had some small holes plenty big enough for ladies heel to get caught in. Would like better solution! Also for filling in hole where asphalt seem to have gotten soft. Hope you get a good answer!

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The Portland cement concrete will not be successful for patching. No patching method will yield the results of all-new paving.
The black liquid asphalt-based material can be used along with clean dry sand as a filler. I know of no better crack patching method.

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