Arcm inc property maintinance offers poor service!

Pitchman101October 18, 2013

There is so much wrong with this company and its operations by its owners Rainbow Ironshell and Anthony Hong that its difficult to find a starting place. Completely missrepresents itself and there affiliations. Does not pay there sales staff what is owed them. No book keeping or records provided to the sub contractor's to justify income verses pay outs so no way for a sales rep to now exactly how much Arcm inc / Anthony Hong / & Rainbow Ironshell are holding back of the 50/50 split of profit offered its sub contract sales staff. Arcm inc has zero business being in business. Here is a link to the Tom Martino (troubleshooter) radio broadcast dated 10/17/2013 were One of the owners, Anthony Hong of Arcm inc is confronted about his company misrepresentation. Just a pathetic company and people running it. If the link below is not clickable, please copy and paste it were you can access the recording. well worth it!
This is the Tom Martino show were the troubleshooter Tom Martino confronts Anthony Hong of Arcm inc in Lakewood Colorado about issue's with his company. Start clip at 1.10 time counter.

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that's too bad. Take it up with the Better Business Bureau or your local Consumer rights group.

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