Slab foundation--water leaking into garage

loves2readOctober 11, 2012

We have almost 30 yr old house built on concrete slab foundation...

we have found water seeping on the floor of the garage in one particular area...

this wall is an exterior wall (brick house) that has irrigation sprinklers on 12 -14 inch risers in flower bed on opposite side.

floor of the garage is dropped about 6 inches below bottom of sheetrock

so there is a 6 inch rim of concrete above the garage floor...I don't know if how they set/poured the foundation and did the garage--if it was one pour with step down or two sections

sheetrock above the concrete rim is not getting wet in any area along that wall...

We used some spray sealer on an outside section along the foundation/brick line and inside on the garage floor about two weeks ago and didn't notice any further intrusions...but the house is vacant and we don't go over every day...

Today I saw two small puddles of water coming from the seam where the vertical and horizontal portions meet---one at each end of where we sprayed the sealer...but obviously not in area that had been sprayed...

could not see any holes other than normal concrete...

there is NO water line that runs along that garage wall

My husband thinks this is from the sprinklers hitting the brick and water running into the weep holes and thus seeping into foundation

The sprinklers ran this AM early--this house is vacant currently

I was at the house about 11AM to check on it

so the time lag is a little interesting

I would have thought it would have shown up sooner if it was from sprinklers...

We also considered that water is coming from irrigation line that has leak but only leaks when sprinklers are on---because we aren't noticing a big increase in water flow on the bill...

In some areas along the foundation line I can see black plastic between the foundation and the brick facing...there is no plastic along this garage wall...

if that matters

Appreciate suggestions for what might be causing this and easiest way to deal with it...

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Regrade the slope so that it has water draining away from the house. Reposition the sprinkler so that it doesn't hit the house. It's a one two punch. Both need to be done. It's not a one or the other situation.

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there is no slope to the yard in that area
moving the sprinklers is something we considered
even just changing the spray heads to where they are more adjustable would be beneficial
maybe I can get him to do it this weekend

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