Garage door 139.53644SRT and remotes 53879

destinpsOctober 18, 2010

I have one craftsman remote, unknown model, that programs every time without fail.

I also have a craftsman remote that used to work before battery replacement, and a brand new craftsman, both 53879, that will not program. Any suggestions as to what is causing this? Could it be the programming board?

I've tried clearing all codes and programing the 2 nonworking ones first following directions in the manual and the garage door manual.

The one that works programs instantly every time and has been programmed for years, the last time I can remember having 2 remotes actively programed at the same time was about 2 years ago, and one of them is the nonworking one.

I've replaced the batteries on all of them.

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The 53879 remotes should work with your opener. Try this method for programming.

Press and hold the button on the remote and then press and immediately release the smart/learn button. The light on the opener should flash.

If the logic board were at fault none of your remotes would work.

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