GAF Roofing tile Color- Charcoal with a hint of dark blue?

melanie1121October 12, 2012


I am having a GAF roof professionally installed on my small brick cape. When you approach the house all you see is ROOF so I want a shingle color that complements the rust brick color on the house.

Id like to choose a charcoal colored roof that is uniform in color (not patchwork like) and casts a dark bluish hue (not flat black). I looked at the GAF samples but it is hard to tell on such a small sample. Anyone familiar with this color or can recommend a color that goes well with the brick? (Yes, new gutters also!) Thanks Melanie

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You can get a sample board or at least a phamplet of the GAF roof colors from your contractor. We just had a black GAF roof installed on our brick and siding home and it looks great.

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"patchwork like" is because the companies use what is called a blend. It helps the shingles "blend" together so different bundles, pallets and manufacturing runs all look similar and you do not end up with a wide variety of colors or "patches" if you will. All companies that I am aware of in this day and age use blends. In the days before they all used blends it was quite common to see a roof with 3 of more distinct color differences due to this issue and because of this the pallets were all marked with big red stickers saying not to mix different batch or run numbers together.

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Thanks for your input. I chose the charcoal and it came out great. Exactly the color I wanted.
The roofer started a week early and nailed in the last shingle right before hurricane held up!
Luckily the big tree in front of the house fell away from the house!

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The Friday before the hurricane

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Looks great. Cute house. Glad you were happy with roofer and color choice. Wow, thankfully that tree did go a different way.

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After the hurricane...not a shingle out of place!

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