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elroyyboyOctober 13, 2010


We put all new doors in our cape cod home last year and we noticed this week that the 1/2 glass steel door exiting from the kitchen to the deck allows light through the seal on the outer edge of the door below the lock set.

I can close the door and it seals tightly all the way around except for the portion of the door below the lock set (on the side away from the hinges).

I've checked the tightness of the hinge screws and also that they are not stripped.

Can anyone offer advice on how to adjust this door?


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You may have to remove the frame molding and re-shim the door frame on that side.

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OK, got it. But would I shim it at the top to bring the bottom in, or at the bottom?


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Actually, the shims are not the problem. The orientation of the latch side on the frame as fastened to the house and the alignment of the door to that frame is causing the gap between the door and the weatherstripping.

So, to fix that problem, you will need to move the bottom of the door frame in(towards the inside of the house.

Now, that may be difficult, especially if the threshhold is fastened to the floor.

So, it may be necessay(easier) to move the top half of the frame out(towards the outside of the house).

That can easily cause a misalignment of the frame to the sheetrock.

Fortunately, the distance the frame needs to be moved is probably less than 1/16". Thatt distance is almost negligable for the frame to sheetrock alignment.

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