ok, I'm stupid plz help :) -doorbell mount

cottagecindyOctober 15, 2012

This is probably the stupidest question to all of you (I am clueless about this)

but I put up a new doorbell (a nice one I :may" want to keep if I move)

I relocated it to fit in with the door hardware and....

the 2 screws to keep it tight in place-one screws into wood. the other screws into empty space-nada.

so how the heck do I keep the other screw in place so it doesn't fall out?

I tried putting a small piece of wood/lath type-it split. (it's a very small opening but still a hole so no grab)

should I just put glue in the hole to keep the bronze screw from falling out (I can make the other hold the doorbell unit tight against the wall)

I'm assuming glue would make the screw permanent? I don't want to lose this screw.

and each time I take the doorbell off the wall, it is a pain to remount, and the "button" falls out etc. Can I just glue the metal in there and someday ply it out or something like that? just a quick get the darn screw in there. uggg

thanks all :)

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maybe I kind of confused my explanation.

can I glue the metal bronzed screw into the screwhole of the doorbell mount since it doesn't attach to anything behind it, then someday use the doorbell again, somehow getting the screw out of the fixture mount I glued it into?

I'm not messing with a major redo in the hole (bondo and more wood) it is a rental, so if glue does work I might as well just leave it when i move (hopefully not for yearsssssss)
but what type of glue so the screw never falls out? (at least not till I pry it out.)

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Go to the hardware store and buy a plastic insert large enough to fill the hole that you can then screw the doorbell screw into.

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