Oops! Small cut in fabric

johannafinJune 11, 2008

I am making a dress, and was trying to finish up the neck and armhole facings last night. I was tired but thought, I'm just tacking the facings on what can happen? Well snipping off a thread I managed to make a cut in the dress about 1/4 inch long. It is in the underarm so it won't be noticiable, but I want to ensure the cut does not tear open further. I was thinking of using a small circle of iron on interfacing underneath to try and seal it. Do you think this will work? Any other suggestions? Thanks.


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The interfacing should work fine. I keep a roll of Stitch Wizardry on hand for just this kind of slip-up.

We all do it....:o(

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I have done exactly that just iron it on. If it were me though, I'd secure it with a few very small careful stitches as well...

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Thanks teresa. I just feel silly because I knew I was tired and should have stopped. Are you in NC? I'm in Asheville.


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Hi Johanna,
I'm in Burlington - smack between the Triad (Greensboro/High Point/Winston Salem) and the Triangle (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill).

Took a family trip up to Asheville, Canton, Waynesville, and the area just a few weeks ago. It was lovely as always! My grown son #1 said he would love to rent a cabin for a month and "work from home." But he needs internet service and that is difficult to find in vacation rentals.

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Thanks Ruth and Teresa. I tried the stich witchery trick and it worked just fine. It was not at all noticiable after the patch.

Teresa - Glad you had a good time in the mountains with your family. One of the joys of living here is not having to go far for a fabulous view!


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