Want your opinions on roof pitch

jimracOctober 28, 2005

Hi all,

Originally i was contemplating going with a 4/12 pitched roof(gable) for a tool/garden shed that is 16x8; 8 feet is front to back.

Now, i am saying to myself, side the walls are 8 feet in heighth, I am thinking a lower pitched roof wont look right?

Whats your opinion?

I am leaing towards at least an 8 or even 12 pitch... so I think, at a 12 pitch the roof will rise 4 feet to the ridge...


thanks appreciate your opinions.

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when discussing pitch the first number indicates the rise on a 12" run. A 12/12 pitch would rise 12" for each 12" of run, therefore if the end of the bldg is 8ft a 12/12 pitch would make the peak 8ft higher.

A 6/12 pitch would make the peak 4ft higher.

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Thanks Lazy!

If the front to the back of the shed is only 8 feet, and my peak is going to be in the middle,, then my run will be only 4 feet, therefore, a 12/12 pitch would only have a roof height of 4 feet?? Agree? My ridge is going to run parallel to the front and back of the shed. i hope I am making myself clear!

Do you think a steeper pitched roof, for appearances sake will be better than lets say a 4/12 pitch, for walls 8 feet high?



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Pitch the roof at the same pitch as the house.

That will look the best.

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I would agree with Handimac,, you should make the pitch the same as the house. In that manner both structures compliment the other. Also keep in mind, the greater the pitch the greater the surface area, therefore the greater the cost for roofing materials.

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Ok, thanks, makes sense to me.

Appreciate your input pup and mac.

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I'm building a 16x16 spa enclosure and I want the roof pitch to be 4:12. How high would the center be. I also want to install two 24" skylights but is the roof pitch too low for water drainage?

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