bernina activa 131

melaniejoJune 18, 2014


There is a Bernina Activa 131 that has come up on Craigslist for sale. It's been posted for over a month.

Can anyone tell me what these machines sold for new? How long were they made?

I'm just trying to figure out what a reasonable price for this machine is. I think she is asking a bit too much for the machine. It appears from my search these machines were produced around 2002.

Back in 2011, they were selling for $600-$350.

Any sort of feedback on this machine would be greatly appreciated.

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I know it's a little late for this response but I thought I would answer this for others that may look on here and need info about this machine or any others. These were made around 2002-2003. A middle of the road price would be ok since they are old and don't have all the new features on them. One note of caution to anyone buying on Craigslist. Since you are usually looking locally please take someone with you that knows how to run a machine if you don't know. Take some thread, a swatch of fabric, a new #80 needle and scissors with you and TRY IT out before buying it. Wind a bobbin to make sure the bobbin winder works, go forward and backward to make sure the reverse button works, make a buttonhole to see how nice it stitches out, do a couple of decorative stitches (like the honeycomb) to see their quality. Listen to the machine, is it noisy or sound "off," check the top and bottom of the stitch, if you hear a popping sound on the fabric it's probably the needle is damaged, check everything before buying because once you give them the $$ it's yours!! Make sure you get a manual, power cord and the foot pedal. If any of these are missing take off $50. They are all replaceable for under $50. Try it out especially if the person selling it is NOT the owner and has no clue about it's ability to work. Hope this helps!

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I also just stumbled on this. I purchased mine 12 years ago (it was a 40th birthday present to myself), pre-owned. At that time I paid $600. While you can't get a Bernina for under $1,500 new - $600 is a bargain. Berninas are workhorses and last forever. Would I spend $600 on one now? Not so sure, unless it was owned by a little old lady who only drove it to church on Sundays.

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