It is Saturday... whatcha doing?

bunnymanAugust 14, 2004

Okay... digging for a topic to start the ball rolling again. What are your plans for today?

I'm going to buy new shoes. My work shoes were destroyed in a flood last night. Really!... a large coolant pipe broke last night and my shoes went under water. They were worn and the chemicals in the water are nasty so in the garbage they went. On a mission to find a pair of 606 Redwings... my favorite shoe.

After that I'll buy some fast food before work. I only eat fast food once or twice a year. Last time I went to BK it was pretty yucky so McD will get my coin this year. I expect to be less then delighted but there won't be time for much else... maybe a grocery store deli but they are not much better. Most of the time I prefer my own cooking.

Then I'll top off my day by going to work. Nasty day as I have a people problem to deal with. Other then that it should be easy. I'm just filling in so all I'll be expected to do is run a couple machines. My first work partner I've not had the chance to visit with in over a year so it will be nice to get paired up with an old friend. Later I'll work with a single young gal. Co-workers are off limits in my book but it will be very nice to listen to a female voice for some hours.

Dinner with be a lamb burger with cheese that is getting packed in my lunch. Forth day in a row for lamburger but this is the last of what I had cooked up.

Alas... my coffee is gone and I'm off to buy shoes.

: )


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Good topic, Bunnyman. My day started with the awakening of my 10-month old grandson, fixing me a cup of coffee and him a warm bottle. We played until his 2 1/2 year-old brother woke up, then I rocked older grandson for awhile, fixed another cup of coffee and his breakfast.

It was then time to straighten the house for the umpteenth time and take the boys outside to play. Ten o'clock saw the little one go down for a nap and then the older one and I went back outside for playtime. At eleven, the older one wanted a movie and macaroni and cheese - we did that, then their mother came and picked them up. I cleaned and straightened the house for the umpteenth-and-one time! LOL

3:30 sees me here at my computer, checking out the forums. After I am finished here, who knows - maybe a handsome man will come and take me to dinner - nah, ain't gonna happen, so it will be an evening of playing on the computer and watching t.v. off and on, tempered with some crossword puzzles and reading. I will be in bed by 9:30. So goes the life of a single, older (but young-at-heart) woman!

BTW - to the OTHER Michael - you, my friend, have quite a legacy!!!!! Your "shoes" are hard to fill! LOL

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Was up late, as usual, and tried to sleep in.

Laundry,internet and trying to get up enough ambition to wash the car and grocery shop. DS is stopping tomorrow and I should tidy. She's only coming to see my cat and bring her turkey. ;)

Taking some things to a consignment shop this next week. I have more than I though.....that's good and bad...but I need to get them ready.

Try to figure out how to put an air filter on my car. I have to get it smogged asap. It's due for a wash too.

Exciting huh! LOL


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Went to a street fair this afternoon, out to a club where some friends are playing jazz tonight.

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Joanne, can I go WITH YOU?! I LOVE blues and jazz, but detest going to a club by myself. I have a black mini skirt, some spike heels and a sequined shirt - will that be ok with you? LOL Can you imagine a 54-year old lady, skinny as a pencil, it that get-up?! Hey, I'd dress up like that if it meant I got to go OUT!

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Ahhhhhh - after 6+ hrs of Hurricane Charley cleanup, I'm ready for a bath & bed. My back yard is basically a dump for 50% of my old cedar tree. Amazing how poorly it did in the storm - several 12"D limbs down. Oaks faired much better - but their leaves have left a lot of stuff on the roof & all over the yard. I'm sore and tired.
Tomorrow I probably have another 4 hrs work to do to tidy things up. Bet the city won't be by for months to pick up the debris. Sigh.
But my bf did get some sushi take-out and I'm looking forward to the JB rolls!
Another weekend shot. But I'm thankful my home survived with little damage. Others weren't so lucky .....

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Kayjones - Sure you can come, if you'd like to trek up to Massachusetts! I'm fortunate in that I have several friends who are talented jazz musicians, so when they have a gig, there's always someone I know there to meet up with. Otherwise, I usually won't go alone. Unless I *really* want to hear the music live.

By the way, you have the same birthday as my father, and are a gardender, as he was and I am. Feel free to dress up - I'll be in jeans!

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Joann, very cool - I'll be there directly!

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Yesterday I slept most of the day. (I work nights) Got up and ran to the next biggest city to buy some binders for my son...our little Wal-Mart ran out of them. Also did some grocery shopping while I was there. Stayed up late watching "Dirty Dancing", fun movie but really bad acting. It's been a long time since I've seen it.

Today: going to do laundry, take back movies, pick up the house some and wipe down the inside of my car...which is getting very dusty. Also need to check out my garden. Haven't even been back there in nearly two weeks! Work has been rough and I've been too tired, even after sleeping to want to do anything but the things I absolutely have to do. I go on vacation in a couple weeks and I can't wait!!!

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Ok, so I'm a day late...

Got up (later than normal), bagged church and got to work putting the lanai back together from the Charley preparations. I feel so bad for those who got hit. It was coming straight for me - but decided to take a right turn at the last minute.

Lots of work moving bbq, tables, chairs, and then had the energy to replant some plants that had outgrown their pots. Got all dirty and sweaty... ewww.

Off to a shower, then a nap (been sleeping a lot lately), then off to grab a quick bite to eat with Mom. Took the dog as I'm trying to get her used to traveling to some place other than the vet!

Then home - where I spent the last couple of hours talking to my guy in Colorado...

Can't belive it's been two weeks already - I miss him a lot.

Now ready for bed - it's only 9 pm. Maybe I'll catch up on some Olympic coverage.


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LOL good thing about old shoes is that you can always take them out of the closet and try them on again sometime. :)

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Kay said "I have a black mini skirt, some spike heels and a sequined shirt"

You must have swung through WalMart in Iowa on your way to Massachusetts, Kay, because I think I saw you there. Only you didn't mention that your shirt was EXTREMELY low cut and that your bosom was bigger than your shirt! BTW, you look older than 54. ;)

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LOL Marilou! It wasn't ME you saw at WalMart on two counts: I shop only at thrift stores and my bosom is only slightly larger than my I.Q.!

As for looking older than 54, you are probably right.

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Oh oh... looks like I was spotted in Wallyworld.

: )

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I plead the 5th. I do have to go to WW this week and get a few things. Now I have to be concerned about dressing appropriately. :P


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I thought your taste ran more towards timeless tailored classics. Who knew that beneath that conservative exterior beats a wild heart! ;-)


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True I love the classics but there are a couple things in my closets that run on the wild side. Like the zebra striped silk dress or the purple spandex mini skirt. Got my eye on a soft black leather blazer...

: )

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purple spandex isn't a classic?

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Purple spandex certainly qualifies as a classic! It just doesn't always fall into the timeless and tailored categories. ;-)

Bunnyman, go for the leather blazer! You will feel fabulous everytime you wear it.


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I pair the purple skirt with a long black clingy pull over top and it actually looks pretty good. I tried it with a pink satin blouse which looked very pretty and girlish but didn't work for me. It would be so perfect for a skinny teenager.

: )

: )

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