Ironing board cover recommendation

dian57June 8, 2005

Well, it's finally time. The tip of my iron caught the tiny L shaped tear in my cover and RIPPPP. Granted, I've had it a long time but now it's time for a replacement.

I clicked on the link for Nancy's Notions provided on the thread about vinyl mesh and started looking around. There are a lot of covers available for ironing boards.

What do you recommend, teflon, canvas, something else?

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I tried a canvas or heavy muslin one once, and it was almost immediately stained with color that bled from fabric when I was steam pressing. It also stank when steam pressing. Other than that, I've always just used one from Wally World or Target. I'll be interested to see your answers, because I'd really like a better one than I have! :)

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I just make mine out of muslin or any cotton fabric.I have one that matches the curtains in my sewing room.I have the oversize ironing board and the prices of those covers,if you can find them is ridiculous.Takes 20 minutes tops to make a new one,so that's the way i go.

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Never thought of making my own ironing board cover. Thanks for the idea!
Kathy G in MI

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If you don't have any string on hand to use for the drawstring,that 1/8 or 1/4 in.wide ribbon works just as well.

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I use duck cloth for my covers. I draw straight lines on then in pencil. It saves time when you need a straight edge. They are a little more water resistant and dont stain quite so much for water drips. And they dont scorch as easily.

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Kathi, I bought an oversized ironing board at Wal-mart, and the cover that came on it leaves its pattern on what I'm ironing, driving me CRAZY! Has anyone tried the table with a fitted measuring cover JoAnn's sells? I might use my 40% discount coupon and buy one of those. chery-va

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When I am pressing while sewing or quilting I put a folded piece of old sheeting on the board and do the pressing on that rather than on the cover. It certainly saves the real cover for when I have to do "real ironing" and it also keeps the cover clean.

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I have a canvas type one with measurments printed on it. While it does look a bit stained (ashing it with Washing Soda added to detergent takes removes most of the stains)
I love the time saving feature of measurements right there.

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I once saw a post from a woman who put an old army blanket on her ironing board and then a cover of heavy muslin. She swore it was the best idea she ever had.....something about the wool being covered by the cotton providing the right padding and temp control?

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You know, I still haven't gotten around to recovering my ironing board. Maybe it's the 100+ degree weather that has me so unmotivated to be anywhere near the iron.

I never once considered making my own cover. What an AH-HA moment that was. Thanks, Kathy MDGD!

While I'm at it, I think I'll take the ancient girl out in the yard and treat her to a layer of fresh paint, too. Those pitted harvest gold legs of hers are really giving away her age!

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I always make my own covers - I use a heavy cotton fabric, like duck, and rather that using a drawcord, I use a heavy duty elastic. I also usually make 2 or 3 at a time, so I can wash them frequently.

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I am like Mary C. I make my own covers, even when I purchase a new ironing board. I start by placing a large old towel on the ironing board and draw around it. Then I remove everying from the ironing board and layer stuff. First aluminum foil (to reflect the heat up) then the towel cut to size, then some thick cotten like duck cloth. The top layer is something very pretty and prewashed. Like Mary C, I use sew elastic around the edges of my pretty cloth. Sounds like work, but anyone that irons on my board will notice immediately how easy it is to iron anything. Also, the edges never shift and it is pretty to look at. If the square end of the board gets singed or burned (as sometimes happens) I just use iron-on fusing and put another fabric on that end. Try it - it's fun.

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To keep from burning the square end of your board,you should get yourself one of those iron rests that hook onto your board.You won't be sorry,it's a good investment.My board came with one.
Another thing i do is hook one of the old fashioned metal shower curtain hooks to the end of the board,run the cord thru that,b4 plugging it in,this keeps the cord from dragging across what you are ironing.HTH

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I made a couple several years back & loved them but I thought the one with lines & measurments would be so nice. I got one @ Hancock's 1/2 price notion sale. So far, I have not stained it & it is treated so water beads up. I don't really like seeing the designs through what I iron because it makes me think I have damaged something. I do a lot of alterations on other people's things & that feeling can be pure panic.

You do have to be careful when you "install" the one with measurements because you can distort them & get false readings. Instructions are there but some people skip over them on things as easy as changing ironing board. I didn't know my little niece had paid any attention to mine until she spent the week with me. She carries a tape measure around & measures everything that doesn't run from her (cats). When I needed it, it was "Where's my tape measure?".
She scanned briefly & then said "Oh just use the one on your ironing board".

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Have you seen the Quilters Pressing Boards that are larger and square at both ends? Check them out at

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I bought a Martha Steward cover at K-Mart and really like it. I think next time, though, I will make my own.

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To Mary C,
Where do you get heavy duty elastic? Is it the same as sport elastic?

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So glad that no one mentioned the dreaded silicone coated covers. They can cause problems by overheating your fabric.
Have you ever tried using the ironing board the other way?
I turned mine around years ago and have never looked back. A blouse is really easier to iron on the square end and it gives you much more room when you are sewing. If you are right handed, it is easier to put the top of pants on the small end from the right. My board stays at a perpendicular right next to my machines so that all I have to do is roll my chair a few inches.
I have a cover with measurements on it and like it a lot. It is kinda backwards on my backwards board. We can adjust for the sake of 'easier', can't we?
Happy sewing,

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I sure wish that you guys would have posted some jpgs of the ones you made. I'd love to see them.


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I second that emotion, I would love to see them all. While back , I was not too well and I just threw and old sheet (folded) over my board and used elastic and pins to tighten it up. then I was feeling better and decided to go whole hog. I took out an old wool blanket that has never been used and made a pad out of two layers and then used the old sheet which is sage green to make a new cover and i edged it with pink hem tape and used it to make a casing at the edge and put 1/4 in elastic through and tightened it and them tacked the ends in place. Now i have a lovely new cover that goes real well with my decor. I used the old purchased pad as a guide for the new pad and cover. My mother always used army blankets and old sheets so that is where i got the idea. a lot better than all these synthetic materials.

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Use duck, canvas or denim all usually the natural or unbleached look.
Serge and wash a few times before cutting out the fabric.
Use elastic pulled very tight hate strings.
Also will add a thick padding of batting.
I do all this because I use the ironing board to prep fabric for sewing projects.
Some of the regular board covers and padding feel like I am ironing on the metal mesh, and even heavy so called covers with strings do not hold up, usually make 2 or 3 covers and wash if they become slightly soiled, put clean cover on right out of washer let dry on board.

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