What's the problem??!!!

gneegirlAugust 8, 2009

I know this is an age-old subject, but right now I have to vent. What is the problem for guys - how is that guys can expect womem to be satisfied with nothing. We give and give and give, and then get "nothing" back. They want a woman around but when she even attempts to act like she wants something, they get defensive, they run away or acuse her of being too needy. They want the good thoughts, feelings, and all of that, but can't, don't want to return the favor, unless it leads to something else. If you take everything that makes up a relationship and put it in a pot, they look at us siideways when we turn on the heat. Yet, they put the stuff in the pot!! I know we must be wired diffefently and it's something we have to learn to live with, but seriously, is this for real???

Seriously frustrated...

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Mary, it's time for you to come to Florida and get away - you need a break without 'him'!

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Jo, when I wrote this I KNEW you were going to say something. I was even laughing when I wrote it - LOL.

I would love to come to FL but not just yet. I'm still trying to cope with the aftermath of my oh so simple surgery that has turned into a nightmare. FYI - I wasn't talking about my "ex". He's still the best thing going as far as I'm concerned. I just haven't found a way to figure that out for myself yet.

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Anytime, Mary! I hope the after-effects of your surgery clear up soon. Hugs!

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Thanks Jo - much appreciated. I'm getting better actually. I just had no idea to expect what was to come - so of course, not prepared. At this point, I still have NO REGRETS!! I'm so glad I took the plunge - life really is much better.

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Call me to discuss a visit.

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