finding blanket binding

ilmbgJune 15, 2009

I am having a horrid time finding cotton (brushed?) blanket binding. There is a post where someone put a site, but when I click on the site it only brings up blankets with binding for sale. I need a medium/dark gray, maybe 3 inches total width. I have tried Joanns, Wal-Mart, anf small local shops.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Thank you.

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Weird. That is not the link I originally posted. I googled and found this one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wrights binding

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You can make your own, I see quilts done this way and is very nice looking. Chose fabric, prewash, cut into proper width lengthwise or crosswise, sew ends together to make total length needed.PRESS 1/4 seam allowance on each long side to inside. Sew right sides together to the BACK of blanket, miter corners. Fold to cover right side of blanket and stitch as closely to front edge as possible, staying slightly above the stitching line from back. I thought she was crazy the first time I saw it done, but it looks great.

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I was thinking the same as pammiesue - you don't even have to cut blanket binding on the bias, like you do w/seam binding. I did this on a wool blanket many years ago & the homemade binding has waaay outlasted purchased binding. The purchased binding only lasted a year or so...

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finding the color has been not so fun- Wright's no longer makes a gray that comes close- I haven't been ablt to find a color that comes close enough.
Now- my Singer needs a part- that is not made (1992 9005 model). Geez, I feel like I am getting smacked in every corner!

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