Oh my I am so bored

emmaAugust 16, 2014

I settled the problem with my home owners association, now what, no one to fight with. LOL Still working with wallpaper, here is my latest. I call him grumpy, he reminds me of my late husband. Just joking.....I loved him dearly.

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Emma, how are you? I hope you found something to keep you engaged so you aren't bored any more.

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No, still bored, but am going on a road trip for a few days. I will stay at a luxury hotel. Maybe see if there are any rooms left on Mt Magazine in Arkansas. They have a good chef and a nice club where I can indulge in a strawberry daiquiriâ and watch the people.

My problem is the family. I have to do something to get them out of my head.

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Well, Emma - I love my family very much, and love to spend time with them, but.......some family members don't feel the same about me - oh, well - I no longer fret over it. If they have a problem with me, and wish to discuss it, I'm willing, BUT - it's their problem, not mine, so they can take a flying leap as far as I am concerned! In my case, it's jealousy over money - I made choices they didn't make - again, their problem, so I just whistle a merry tune and row my boat alone. Yes, I sometimes go in circles, but I'm in good company - my own self!!! LOL

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My problem is there is not one of the 3 that I enjoy being with. I know that sounds like I am the problem but I am not. We started having problems when it became an all women family, husbands died or divorced. When we were younger and all married we had no problems. Now I simply don't like them, love them, but don't like to be with them. I blocked the email from 2 of them last week, the other doesn't do email.

My mantra is "This to shall pass" and it will.

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