gate opener went nuts!!

DieganOctober 26, 2011

My old Stanley swing gate opener went dead one day. I sent the motherboard for repairs. Repair company replaced Capacitor and Transistor and repaired Cold Solder Join. I got it back yesterday. Plugged it in... It worked! I was soooooo happy ...for an hour.. then when I heard my gate opened and closed...than opened a little, than stopped..than opened a little bit more..stopped.. then closed.. then went quiet for 5 min... then all over again, but no pattern. It begin to open and close who knows when and does who knows what. It can just stop for couple hours 3/4 closed. than would open 1/4..then it just stops for 10 min..Really NO PATTERN at all.. I called the company and ask them what could it be, but they just think I am crazy :((

I thought one of my remote controls got stuck or something, than I figure out that you can't open gate a little, than close it with remote control, because with remote control it needs to finish the cycle. You can stop it on the way to closing, but it would go first to full close, before you can open it again. When it's doing it itself it can go both way :open a little, than close.

Any ideas?

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I'd send the repaired motherboard back and have it tested.

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