Ring top curtain help needed

minacJune 1, 2005

I found the perfect material for my drapes but unfortunately the place did not make a ring-top curtain style (the type with casual pleats) so I simply ordered the material. My co-worker has offered to sew the curtains for me but she needs a pattern or at a minimum needs to know how far apart to space the rings, should it be lined, any other tidbits to sewing them. I am assuming the ring is sewn into the top of the curtain. Anyone have any help or suggestions ...or know where to get a pattern or instructions to sewing it.

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Singer has a book on curtains and I'm sure this style is in it. Get the book from the library.....or another book with the style you want shown. It will give all the information she needs. Honestly check the library for books on sewing curtains - they have lots.

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They have a lot of clip on rings out there in fabric land!
Kathy G in MI

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I did my dining-room curtains with rings...tooo easy!

I used a semi-sheer fabric, so I didn't want any lining, and they have a nice, soft top, but still stay "folded" into soft pleats.

As far as measurements go, you'll need to determine how full you want your drapes (I did only double, so that they maintain the sheerness I wanted, and I don't close them). But if you intend to close them, double is fine, triple width is better) Keep in mind that you'll need to sew the edges (I just did a double 1/4" turn). Determing the FINISHED length you want. That's from where the rings are attached, to the bottom of the hem. ADD...your hem width (wide is better), and the top hem (I used 4", doubled, for a nice, deep top hem, which holds the sheer fabric nicely, but if you're using a firmer fabric, you could use less).

Sew them up like two rectangles.

I used the clip rings (a ring with an attached spring-clip on it), in pewter, which I clipped onto the top hem about every 8" across. Slip them onto your rod, and voila!

Hope that helps! Oh...btw...I didn't "sew" the top hem, which would have stiffened the top...I just folded 4" twice, then firmly ironed it...kept it softer that way.

Good luck!

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I need to pass this on to my co-worker. I have been so focused on my kitchen remodel that I won't have any curtains when I am ready if I don't get going on this. I plan to basically frame out the window with the curtains. I saw this great window treatment on HGTV Divine design with sheers in the bay window and really nice fabric framing the outside. I thought - that's the look I want. However, figuring out how to duplicate it is a challenge.

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