Dont know how to handle the situation

gabrie_ihi33August 1, 2007

My best friend started this illegal racing thing every Saturday night. She goes with her good friend who I donÂt get along with. I asked her if we'd ever get to do anything on a Saturday night again and she said no. I was shocked! Part of me wants to cry. She would rather hang out with this other girl every weekend and I just donÂt know how to handle it! Any advice??

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I read a book about a year ago called the System by Roy Valentine. Awesome book. It's mostly for guys. It's a no-nonsense, no-frills book that teaches guys how to pick up girls. Anyway, I can say this book changed my dating life. Like I said, not for the great romance but highly recommended if you just want to bed chicks.
Good luck!

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am I missing something? I dont see how a book on bedding chicks is going to help this person with her problem!

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I agree. Gabriel. Please give advise that is really on-topic and helpful. Thank you!

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Gee, thanks for the SPAM!

Personally, if your best friend is involved with something illegal you might want to give some distance. Not worth getting yourself into a bad situation. Give space and see what happens. Sometimes friendships come to an end. Sometimes they can be salvaged. Best of luck to you.

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