Anyone heard of Club Getaway?

marilouJuly 24, 2004

If you're interested in travel, I found a website called Club Getaway. Sounds like a singles camp or resort in CT. Anyone familiar with it? I also found a singles cruise for Valentine's Day 2005.

Feedback anyone?

Here is a link that might be useful: Singles cruise

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I read about the Club Getaway from your link. Are you thinking about checking it out? I am planning a trip as soon as work slows down, but I don't think I would like a cruise. I do not meet people when I travel alone. I have decided that I look too self sufficient. And I am always very careful. Maybe going somewhere that is a designated singles event is a good idea.

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jc, I, too, am very careful and probably look too self-sufficient when I'm out alone. I must admit that I am terrified of going to a singles place, so unless I had a word of mouth endorsement of the place ahead of time (and maybe a bottle of vodka), I'm unlikely to go.

Sadly, "singles" usually means "mostly women." :-(

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