remove old siding before installing new?

ken_in_kcOctober 14, 2011

Needing one side of my house resided. It currently has two layers of siding -- the original masonite (I think it's called) siding plus some T1-11 plywood siding on top of it. I noticed some wood rot where the horizontal trim boards cover the seam between the 4X9 sheets.

Am currently getting estimates. A couple contractors said they could put new siding on top of the current two without any issues. Three said I definitely should replace one or both of the present layers.

So what should I do? Cost looks to be double to remove and replace rather than just put on another layer. I should add that sq ft of wood rot area is not huge - probably 1-2 sq ft. On one hand, removing it all feels like the right thing to do. On the other, I don't really see a logical reason since the area of wood rot is small.



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Yes, the correct choice is to remove all of the old. But it goes beyond just removing the siding to do a correct job. Siding is just the cosmetic shell of your home. What actually keeps the water out is the drainage plane behind the siding. You should inspect and address the drainage plane issues, caulk for weather tightness and air intrusion, then insulate with foam board, and then re-side. You should have your siding layers tested first before removal as asbestos siding will require the correct abatement procedure.

The cosmetic issues are the least of your concerns, and the quotes probably do not even address the other more important issues behind the siding. Make sure they are addressed.

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