Hi Singles -- How's your summer going?

sayhellonowJuly 17, 2011

I've been very tenacious about my gardening this summer, so I've not been around here much. I have squash coming outta my ears, tomatos and strawberries turning red, too many peppers, and lots of flowers on the cantaloupe. LOL, I guess it's not saying much about my social life when that's the highlight of my summer.

I missed a family reunion in Georgia, and have found a friend I thought I had lost from 30 years ago. But we made homemade fresh strawberry ice cream on the 4th of July nad it was sooo much fun. I've started reading all the biographies of all the First Ladies, and am reading them in order starting with Martha Washington. Can anyone guess what the nickname for "Martha" was during her time?

What are you doing these hot summer days?

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Mostly staying in air conditioned places and I love the outdoors. It's just to hot to be doing things outside. I have over 400 books and 400+ movies that I watch. I watch some of the movies over and over and I still enjoy them. Just finished watching the Quiet Man with John Wayne. I haven't taken any road trips, but will as soon as I see a sure sign that fall is finally here.

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I know what you mean, vala. I get out into the garden by 7:30 or 8:00, but have to come inside by 9:30 or so. Our mornings are really cool in summer (low-to-mid 60s) so it's really enticing to get out there and get my hands dirty. Thank heaven for sprinkler!

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Theres not much activity on this site. I'm answering back and here in Michigan summer is almost done for. I bought a house a year ago and so was busy this summer re-doing landscaping. It takes more time than I thought, so I am still working on it. No vacations, I haven't had one in 4 years due to working for a family business. I was fostering a little dog for nearly a couple months so I could find her a home so out walking the dog everyday and got my legs in shape. Now I found a home so my legs will suffer I'm sure unless I make trips to the gym. All in all it was a good summer, a nice hot one up here.

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I should go talk to someone at the humane society and maybe foster a dog. Then I would know if it is something I wanted full time.

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vala, If you have time for a dog they are wonderful loving companions and I always enjoyed walking with the dog. I would highly recommend reading dog whisperer books and The Monks of New Skete training books - they are great.

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Katrina I am going to buy a training book before I get a dog. I saw one advertised on TV many, many years ago and he demonstrated them with a dog. It looked very simple and I mean the technique looked simple, I know it takes a lot of repetition and time. I think I would love that part. There used to be a man who walked with his dog on the pipeline behind my house. it was fun to watch him work the dog. He told it to sit then walk quite a long ways before he told him to come. The dog got excited when he saw me, but he didn't budge, just wiggled a little.

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