roof leak repair cost?? can someone help?

Patywang1October 9, 2011

it's raining whole day and all of sudden there's a leaking in my living room. I found out a small section of the roof beam in the attic was wet. Hard to see if you dont touch the beam. Can someone tell me how much the repair cost might be? not too many honest people out there nowadays, it seems repair jobs are usually quoted higher than it should be. I think it's just small tar on the roof would do the trick.

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Sophie Wheeler

Rarely will "just small tar on the roof" be the correct fix. Diagnosing the "why" the roof is leaking is just as important as designing a fix. Water can run down a LONG way from it's infiltration spot, so the place you see water may not be where the problem lies. First thing that is suspicious is any point higher in the roof from the point you noticed water. Are there any penetrations there? Chimney? Plumbing vent? What is the age of the roof and what type is it? Have you had any thunderstorms with hail? Are there trees with overhanging limbs close by?

A roof repair can run from a $200 simple repair of flashing at a penetration to a full blown 15K replacement. A lot will depend on some of the variables that I listed, plus your location. A high labor market can double prices easily.

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