Oh No........Budster!

kathyg_in_miMay 30, 2009

Well, I mailed your package and my DD's (in Wisconsin)the same day and she hasn't received hers, so I assume that you have not received yours either. Drat! So, I will resend in the next few days. If, by chance, you receive 2, enjoy.

And no, it's not a cat, LOL.

Sorry about that, Kathy G in MI

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And here I was practically chewing the leg off the mailbox all week. Post here from the US always takes a bit longer. Mail from my niece in Texas takes 9 days most times. LOL. TWO....you say....I know another KTer in town who will probably love "whatever" it is......American $$ to hold up the Canuck Buck?

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Since you have been so patient, is there a particular color you like? If I have it, it is yours.
Kathy G in MI

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Once again nothing in the old mailbox...I think the mailman thinks I have the hots for him now I stroll over to meet up with him daily. Favorite color? Lilac-- you know the soft pale color of the blossoms of the same name, and green...aqua waves in the ocean color.....and blue....and yellow.......and forget it....too many favorites.....maybe the mailman will arrive with something tomorrow....today wasn't a total loss...I did get some credit card bills.....any takers????

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