Craftsman 1/2 HP Garage Door Openers suddenly don't work

mattroyalOctober 5, 2008

Hi - I have two Craftsman 1/2 HP GDOs that quit taking input from the remotes. One is model number 139.53629SRT and the other is 139.53637SRT and they are both exhibiting the same symptoms.

The remotes will work sometimes but not most of the time. The indicator light on the back of both flashes quickly and constantly.

I've tried erasing the the remote codes as per the instructions but that doesn't have any affect and the indicator light just keeps flashing while I'm trying.

Any ideas on what would cause this and what I should do to fix it?

Thanks in advance.

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Something is interfering with the receiver. You need to start eliminating. Any new electric items you have added to the garage or house lately? Might even be an something older that is starting to go bad. When you find and unplug it those small lights on the back of the openers will quit flashing rapidly and will only flash occasionally.

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Sounds like your logic board might be going on the fritz. If you think you might want to replace it yourself, I can tell you where NOT to buy it. I recently bought one from Ontario Supply in New York from their web site for $60. Unfortunately, it has turned out to be defective and they won't refund my purchase price even though I sent the defective unit back at my own cost. So, don't buy from them, they don't deal fairly in my opinion. I think you're best off just calling a local repair service and let them replace the board. If you replace the board yourself and it does not work, you're just going to end up calling a repair service anyway. Ontario Supply operates under the following web sites:


In my opinion, you should avoid this company

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I would like to change PIN for keyless entry transmitter (#18755). Note: I have followed online instructions which include pressing an "enter" button. However, this 1980s devise doesn't have an enter button to push after entering a PIN. Need help.

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How can I bypass the electric eyes? I inserted a small piece of the 2-wire into the wire slots on the motor but that did not work. I can open the door with both the remote and the wall pad however, I can only close the door by holding down the wall pad button until the door is completely closed.

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herbi is your keypad wireless or is it hardwired to the wall control?

sgtstryker you cannot bypass the sensors. What is your problem?

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