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onefineseamstresMay 17, 2011

I've been a tailor/seamstress for over 40 yrs now, and it's been a while since I've dealt with a bride as annoying as one this yr.

She should have paid for her gown and walked out the door today,BUT she's changed her mind again.

I have a chart of various bussels, She needed a 3 point bussel, and I did what she wanted. She did a fitting last week, loved the dress. BUT her mother walked into the room and says...OMG that bussel is horrible. It won't. The mother proceeded to let her daughter know what she had in mind. (the mother won;t paying for this, and wasn't there for the first 3 fittings.) SO end result the bussell has to be changed. WE did it. She came in today, the bride likes is less now but was going with what mom wants.

NOW MOM says... you know... maybe it did look better the other way. and wants us to change it back.

I said "Are you sure?" She says YES> I decided at this point to say...."Well, I can certainly change it back but I want you to be sure because changing it keeps adding to your costs. NOW the mother is unhappy. YET AGAIN. She says... I have to pay more for WHAT? I told her I don't mind doing the work...but that I am putting in a lot of time, redoing and changing and it drives up the price.... she says... WELL UNTIMATELY... we only chose to Keep ONE bussel. I said BUT I had to sit and do the wor 3 times now...Each time it custom work. and I am charging her for all this mind changing.

I told her IF I make an error.... I gladly redo work with no additional charge...OR if I'd done the bussel and it won't right...or even... I fix it and no additional charge.... but explained that If I do it and the work is good, BUT she changes her mind...I can't keep changing it for free.

She did the same thing with some lace she wanted added up arond the neck line. I hand stitched that lace on and added beads... THEN today she wanted the lace taken off , now that she sees the lace on the dress... she thinks she liked it with out it .... so she wanted to know if she was still going to be charged for me sewing it on...She says...."if you take it off...its not like you really did anything!!!!" she's nuts. I said...BUT I DID> I sat for a longtime hand stitching it on. I did do the work you requested.

the wedding is this I'll be rid of her very soon. She left the dress today stating that she would come in tomorrow and pay for it... (cash i hope) lol THEN said... If I need anything else done to it can you do it before Friday?? I said...NO... it's too close tot he wedding to do anything now. omg that dumb dress has been in my shop for 2 months.

Brides can be a pain...but mothers are far worse.

I have a policy... now... since our dressing room is small... I state right up front when they all come marching in....."Our dressig room is limited on only one persn may come in with the bride for the fitting. and it's up to them if it's mom or a friend. lol

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Some Moms forget who the bride is!!!!!!!!!! Being a sewer most of my life I know how much time it takes for a project. I'm sure the dress is beautiful..

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I've encountered more Mom-zillas than brides.

Stick to your guns. You did the work requested. If there is a flood the morning of the wedding, and the gown floats out of the bride's home, and the bride wears a flour sack to the ceremony, they still have to pay for the work you did.

I would have asked for cash, in this case.

The time to quibble over a bustle style is the first time it is being pinned, not after it is done.

I did have a colleague of sorts who didn't say anything about an increase in price in a situation just like yours. In the end, I don't know if she surprised the bride with the price,or just ended up feeling taken advantage of.

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Why are some people so awful? I've a hunch they might know very well that extra work should/will cost extra, but some jerks will always push & push to see how much they can get away with...

& I can't help thinking about the groom - what a 'catch' he's getting >= J

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I'm sorry to hear about these brats, but I'm not surprised! I know a woman who does this sort of thing for everything she has done to her house, so much so that at least one contractor refuses to work for her any more. When her daughter gets married, heaven help the poor seamstress who gets that job - and the caterers and every one else involved. Some people are just cheap jerks.

You have my sympathy.

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I would only ACCEPT cash! If she does not have cash, keep the dress until she can pay you with cash! Did you have a contract with the bride? If not tell future clients that if they request lace, beading, will be done but if they change their mind they have to bare the cost of sewing it and unsewing it, both take your time and patience. I am glad that I only deal with prom dresses so far; after all the horror stories I have heard over the years I do not think I could take it.

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This is one of the main reasons I stopped making wedding dresses. Too many emotional opinions, too much stress.

Weddings in general do not bring out the best in the major players--bride, MOB, MOG.

And yes, CASH is the only option for final pick-up.

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