Question about white kitchens and cabinet brands

Kristen HallockMay 18, 2010

It seems like whenever I read a thread about a white kitchen people are mentioning BM paint colors that were used to paint their cabinets. Are most white kitchens done with custom cabinets?

I REALLY REALLY love white kitchens. But there is no way I am going to get custom cabinets. I think DH will spend about $10K max on cabinets. He is thinking its going to cost more like $8k or so. We were going to go with Kraftmaid most likely. We used them in our last house and were satisfied. Our remodel will be a DIY one.

Does anyone buy their white cabinets from a cabinet company and not have them custom built where you get to choose the paint color?

DH is set on natural maple cabs, with inset doors. I want inset doors, but would ADORE white cabs. Our floors are oak and I dont want to see a sea of wood in my kitchen.

So I guess I am asking if white cabs from someplace like Kraftmaid will look as good? Or is the white kitchen I am dreaming of going to cost me an arm and a leg?

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My Dura Supreme cabinets ran about $14,000 for my small l-shaped kitchen. I have them in BM White Dove, which is what the KD designer recommended.

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If you want inset, that's where you're gonna really blow your budget. (KM doesn't do inset.) Inset is an expensive choice. If you're OK with full overlay, then there are several medium to budget priced lines--including Kraftmaid--that offer true painted finishes (not custom colors, but not thermofoil) at a reasonable price if you can keep the other extras at a minimum.

Your budget is under YOUR control. riortize. You just need to whittle your "want list" to your "must have" list. If white painted cabinets are on the "must have" and inset is only on the "want list" there's 5K-10K saved right there.

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you can get inset and white, check out omega dynasty line. they are having a sale right now (at least in california). i have a quote now - 10K for white inset cabinetry for a small L shaped kitchen. check out all your options before you throw in the towel on inset and white. part of what will drive your price are the details of your design too. keeping it simple will keep the costs lower ie: no major accessories etc.

also be sure to check out the color white in your home. bring home a door in the paint color to be sure you like it.

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Don't give up on a custom cabinet maker until you've gotten a quote. I thought the same thing! I wanted white inset shaker cabinets, so we went to a well known cabinet place in town and were quoted $20-$25,000 for the full overlay shaker from Kraftmaid and Aristokraft- they didn't do inset. Our cabinet guy built the inset ones for around $16K and there are alot of cabinets in my kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: Finished Farmhouse Kitchen

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Kristen Hallock

Whoops. Sorry. I do LOVE inset, but know I will only get that with custom cabs. I really meant recessed panel doors. But white. It just seems that with a big cabinet manufacturer, you get whatever color white they make. Whereas with custom, you pick the paint color.

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Khallock  We are DIY too. We are going to buy IKEA boxes (which are wonderful!) and buy the doors/drawers from Sheers. Not inset  but you can get any color you want or save even more money and paint them yourself like Amberely. You can save a *lot* of money going this route and have quality cabinets with Blum hardware.

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Kristen Hallock

jeri Thanks for the idea. I dont think we are up for painting them ourselves. Way too much work. And whenever I paint something it never comes out the way I want it too. I'd have to go to Canada to get to the closest IKEA also, which is a huge drag.

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If you have a layout and size plan you can get an estimate from Chad at I do not think you will be able to get both inset and white painted in the $8,000 to $10,000 range but you could possibly get beautiful all wood inset cabinetry in their higher-end line (craftsman) with blum hardware and paint the cabinets yourself. This all depends of course on the size of your kitchen & door pick. Perhaps you could do inset on the top and full overlay on the bottom with same door style?
I just ordered my cabinets from the above place; I had been looking at mid priced cabinets like Medallion and SchulerÂs (sp?) from Lowes. I am spending a little bit over half of what the other estimates came in at which is a huge savings. We ordered our all wood cabinets (other cabs were not all wood) with the wall cabÂs painted maple and the base cabinets Cherry with stain plus a glaze and also have an extra line of 18" wall cabinets stacked above the 36" wall cabÂs, pot drawers w/3/4 thick bottoms, trim, light rails moldings, pull out spice cabs ect total 19 cabinets but two are without doors for display. With shipping we came in at a smidge over 8 grand and that included some odd sizes we needed. My cabinets are not inset though, they are full overlay and my kitchen is not that big.

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Dear Khallock- We just renovated a home on Cape Cod and I agonized over cabinetry and color. I am thrilled to say that we went with Schrock Pleasant Hill door style in "white paint". I was scared to death that they would look like junk, but they are GORGEOUS!!! Far better than I ever expected. The white color is beautiful, white yet soft and pretty. The quality is excellent. The door style is full overlay. We had one bent door on a long pantry and we had a new one within days. Including beautiful crown moulding, a chunk of beadboard and 1 glass front cabinet the total cost was $10,400 for a medium sized kitchen. Even my installer was impressed with the quality of the cabinets for the money. Check it out. I will try to post pictures if I can ever figure it out. Good luck.

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Diamond (the Distinction line anyway) is running a smoking deal right now on APC and a lot of their painted finishes. APC for 5% and I think getting something like Amaretto Creme is only a couple percent more.

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I'm just about ready to place an order for schrock pleAsant hill white cabinets. How are yours holding up after a few years now? The color is actually coconut

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khallock, first you should post your kitchen layout on here and you'll get some good advice on what and what not to do. You can also check out Barker Cabinets too. They list the prices of the cabinets so you can figure out what they will cost.

jterrilynn, I was quoted $7500 for 16 cabinets plus crown, light rail ,fridge end panels and some misc pieces from another Conestoga reseller. They were painted inset with all the uppers being custom sized. I was told full overlay would have been a couple hundred less then inset.

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Aries61, Khallock's post is from 4 years ago

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