Silly Question #1

berainJuly 4, 2004

Do men like women to wear their hair up or down?

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I can't tell you since I'm not a man but I want to add a question, I hope you don't mind.

silly question #2
Do men like women to wear their hair straight or curled a little?

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I can't speak for all men, but I like women that wear their hear down so that I can run my fingers through far as the second question, I'd have to say that I like the wave because it makes me feel more at home because my hair tends to be a bit wavy too....still waiting for a truly silly question....heh....good idea for a thread Barb....I'll put on the thinking cap for one for you ladies

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I can see that the tinman needs spell checking...LOL
hear =hair

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The best way to wear your hair is with a smile. Up, down, sideways, curly, or plain fried off because you put to many hair treatments in it I don't really think it matters two swishs of the cats tail. But then don't take my advice because I'm single. I have bit of a thing for longer hair but then I keep my own a couple feet long.

Really do you care what a guys hair looks like so long as it sits on the head of Mr. Perfect? I think I read in the dating rule book that you must straighten curly hair and curl straight hair in order to be considered attractive.

: )

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I have always gotten the impression that men prefer long hair worn down on women. Most men tend to prefer minimal hair product, I think. But I'm a woman so what do I know?

On another note, I have always felt more comfortable dating men whose hair was shorter mine. I have worn my hair every possible length from long enough to sit on to very short so I've covered the gamut.

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I like to wear my hair up (working, gardening, cooking). Down is a signal that I am ready to relax and just be jc.

There is a certain type of bald man with big beautiful eyes that makes me look twice.

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bunnyman, funny you should talk about doing the opposite of how your hair is....I have curly and wavy hair and as a kid in junior high and high school I'd have my mom or sis put hair straightner in it because I hated it so I have gotten older I have learned to accept the curly hair and appreciate every one that doesn't fall out...heh

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Hi, I'm new to this forum and I'm one who thinks the best way to jump in is to, well, jump in!

To answer the original question: It depends. [g]

For silly question #2: Hey, it's your "look". You're most attractive when you're comfortable with what you have.

First disclaimer: In the workplace, different rules apply. We won't even go there...

Otherwise, I think jessiecarole hit it pretty squarely on the nose. Hair can be a pretty strong form of body language. In general, "hair up" is a fairly clear signal of an agenda. Gardening, cleaning, etc., her main concern is a particular project at hand. Even going out, hair up is lovely and elegant but that look in itself is (appears to be?) the agenda. If that agenda is to look her best on my arm, well how great is that?

"Hair down" indicates a more relaxed mood, more open, closer to the "real person". I prefer the softer, more casual look, and I think most men like the natural look.

So, the simple answer is down.

But I can't help wondering if this isn't like the old joke:

"Do you prefer the red dress, or the green dress?

"I like the green one."

(sobbing) "Why do you hate the red one?"


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Welcome, photobob.

What is a short haired woman to do???

I cut off the long curly eighties style six years ago. I have never had so many compliments.

Can't wear it up or down. If it is spiked, watch out!

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yes welcome bob....and Walks you intrigue me...might have to stop in to say HI as I am on my way to have jc take my computer away from me :)

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JC, are you there??? ROFLMAO!

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can't talk now

have company


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Short hair? See my answer to silly question #2.

Thanks for the welcomes!

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tell us about yourself pbob. Your page doesn't say much.

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Lets face it, whether your hair is long, short, or non- existent doesn't really matter - it's the person beneath the scalp that's important.
If you're interested in first impressions, think about what you find attractive in a guy. Are men really that much different than women?

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Well JC, my first true love is photography. It's my craft, not a hobby, so you will rarely see me with a camera unless I'm working. But I'm talented, make no mistake there.

I'm big, bald, bearded, and butt-ugly. If I walked into a room, your "second look" would be for an exit. Trust me.

My sense of humor is a little more warped than my imagination, and not always appreciated for what it is. But I can be sorta witty, semi-interesting, and can even be something that approaches charming. In this forum venue, I could probably pull that off...

My interests are wide and varied, and I'm rarely without an opinion. Current "project" is expanding my personal cookbook. Although I'm a pretty decent cook, I need to add some variety to my list of specialties.

Favorite female body part: Eyes.

To be a stereotypical male pig: Legs.


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yes. thank you. I cannot resist.

I know you would think me a diletante and a bore, pbbo, but I have just discovered a sort of photography myself. I have been looking at purchasing a laptop, scanner, and printer so that I can expand my play. I would like to see some of your work. Pretend this is not the "singles" forum. ~grin~ I am harmless.

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