Flower Power!!

bayareafrancyMay 12, 2009

Ok, I got her!

Sort of.

I paid for her anyway.

HeavilyBribedHyperactiveSon and I drove the 25 minutes (each way) to the sewing machine shop. I was SO excited!

Then, they didn't have the Flower Power in stock. I guess I wasn't clear in my email to the shop owner that I was actually coming for the machine. :-(

I got to try the other machine with more fancy pants stitches, so I could at least see how "my" machine will feel (since they are the same, except for the extra stitches).

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Wow! It felt like BUTTER! Butter, I tell you! Soooooo smooth and effortless. So shiny and slick. And the speed control? Yowza! I put it on the slowest setting, and invited my 5 year old to put the pedal to the metal. He did, and the machine just sort of batted its eyelashes at him, and began her slow lope--stitch by stitch--across the fabric. My son is so excited that he will be able to use the machine too.

It should arrive by Friday. Maybe Thursday. One can't always be certain of the due date, after all. I've been looking online for tips on introducing a new machine into a home where an Alpha Machine is already established. Apparently, I should let the T & S sniff at the new box first, to introduce the idea of something new entering her domain. I've also read that it might help if I let the T & S sleep with some of the new styrofoam packaging for the first night. And I'm not supposed to leave them alone together for a while. I sure do hope the T & S doesn't start marking her territory--that 65 year old Singer lube leaves a nasty stain.

Gad--this means I have got to finish knitting my son's sweater by Friday!

I need to go to the library and get some of those "I'm a big sister now" type books to read to my eldest. Maybe I can toss some new bobbins in her bag too.

Francy (Expectant mother to number two! Due date: 5-15-09! I need a looser, adjustable top, sewing basket--my notions are REALLY showing!)

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When i saw the title of your post i thought i was on the wrong board.There's a big crosstitch project going on at 123stitch.com ,where they are having a stitch along and post their progress every week,and i thought that was what your post was about.LOL

Never heard of a machine called Flower Power,who makes it??

Only a couple days left before BABY DAY,good luck,let us know what you have.

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Hee! The machine is the Magnolia 7330, by Janome. It has an awesome ginormous yellow flower on it! Budster nicknamed it Flower Power.



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Congrats and I'm so excited for you. Hopefully, soon I will be in the same boat as you. But first, I have to get the 'newest addition's' room ready and placate my T & S a little.

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