TGIF and some Wine to Share

walksaloneJuly 23, 2004

Step up. It's Marassou Chardonnay. Got plenty to share. Here, reach out that glass. There isnt it better? Check in all.

Nothing to report, just finished mowing the yard, and guess what it is raining! YEAAAAH.

Good news, bad, or neither, check in!

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Hot shower, good dinner, and two glasses of wine, and thunderstorms in July, off to dreamland. See ya!

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Very rough night at work. Shot of single malt scotch and a couple beers. Six point buck wandering around in the front yard let me get within twenty feet of it. Bed sounds pretty good... sweet dreams all.

: )

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Didn't feel good Thursday and Friday, won't get paid for those days since I took them off.

Better today, I've been doing my favorite thing: piddling around.

Wine sounds good but keeps me up at night.

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