Installing Skylights in Membrane Roof

eukofiosOctober 7, 2009

Our house has a flatt roof, slope about 1" per foot. 9 years ago, we had the old tarpaper roof replaced with a white membrane roof, with heat sealed joints.

I wish that we had kept details of the material but we did not. Or we did and they are lost somewhere. Apparently, the roofer went out of business as well.

It's been great. No leaks. The reflective white roof has kept the house MUCH cooler.

Now I would like a skylight. I'm worried that if I cut a hole in the roof to acccomodate the skylight, that I'll create a leak. I don't know were to get the plastic flashing that is heat sealed, or how to do the heat sealing.

SHould I give up? Are there any suggestions about how to accomplish this project?

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We have a goodyear rubber roof where we currently live. It was put on over the existing with insulation inbetween a frame to stretch and attach the membrane . It has a lifetime warranty, but the problem is that if you plan a project such as yours and open it up, it voids the warranty. You might check with other roofing companies in your area that might be familiar with or even do installs. Googling the type of roof you have might get you companies close enough or at least someone to talk with for advise.

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Single-ply synthetic roofing membranes are either thermoset (EPDM) which are glued together or thermoplastic (PVC, TPO, etc.) which are heat-welded together. EPDM is a synthetic rubber and is available in white but it is more commonly gray or black so your roof is most likely one of the thermoplastics which are commonly pale gray or white.

Any single-ply membrane roofer will know what it is.

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THanks for the advice.

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