It's another TGIF. How do you scream on the internet?

walksaloneJuly 9, 2004

ARRRGGGGH. Just doesn't do it.

WAHahhhhhhh. Just doesn't do it.

I want a good on top of the lungs, YELL!!!

So how was your week?

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Mine week was going great until noon today Walks...then my ex showed up and informed me of the latest on my little brain surgeon....I bet I said enough cusswords to make a sailor don't be shy....why do you want to scream?

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what did she do Tinmantu??

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let's just say that she is doing a bad job of balancing her checkbook and it's catching up with her....she is in total irresponsibility mode right now...thank god I never let her have her car back when I took it away

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Really, I want to know how to scream!


Same old, my mother has a $200 long distance bill. Hmmmm, where did this come from?

My sister was sued for a car accident. She is supposed to make payments. Does she? She doesnt understand that her paid off truck, can be taken by the insurance company and sold to satisfy part of the debt.
My mother will be stuck with two unemployed, car-less people who eat, use electricity, phone, water, and sleep all day. And they are too good to work for $6 an hour. How about two jobs?

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damn Walks...a 200 dollar phone bill???....why doesn't mom just lose it and say enough is enough? sister and i don't get along well to this day because her son did the same stuff to my mom and she did nothing about it

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Well, my mother finally did it. A big ruckus occurred when my mother heard them making long distance calls. My sister had the audacity to say, she just needs support and my mother doesnt help? HUH???? So she and her friend she invited to freeload have left for now.

I felt so bad last night, when I told my mom she is being used. My sister is 41 yrs old and has thrown every opportunity away. My mother has practically raised the granddaughters. One still needs her help and mine.

I made my mother cry. And I felt so bad. Thanks for listening.

I still want to know how to scream! LOL!

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Must be a weekend for making moms cry...don't feel bad Walks..sometimes things need to be said no matter how much it hurts....My mom thinks I am taking the wrong attitude with my little brain surgeon and should give her more love and money...I told her Bullshiat, that if she wants to self destruct I'm not going to fund it....grrr, I should stop here and save this because I have a feeling that by next friday night there is indeed going to be enough imputus for a fine absolut rant thread

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Wow. If ARRRGGGGH doesn't do it, it must be pretty frustrating for you Walks.

I could certainly get on a rant about my mother, too, but for different reasons. Maybe we could have our dysfunctional mothers set your mother straight? [g]

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Michael, IMHO - you need to move and not leave a forwarding address!

Those hillbillys will put you in the loony bin. As I told you before: they all WILL survive without you - they don't consult you when they get into their messes, so don't you find it interesting that they consult you after the fact?

Have you ever let a herd of calves out in a green corn field? Weeeellll, you can give those calves all the advice (about not eating green corn) that you want, but theys gonna do what theys gonna do, and nothing you can do will stop them, SO...... pretend your little brain surgeon, her mama, and YOUR MAMA are in a green corn field, and theys gonna continue to eat the green corn, DESPITE your advice - some never learn their lesson. Just tell them that when they get intestinal distress, don't come bawlin' to you!

You have already gone way above the call of duty, so it's time to let 'em figure out their mistakes all by themselves!! They just might surprise you.

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