TGIF!!! and Weekend Plans

walksaloneJuly 2, 2004

Long weekend for me. I have Monday off. No plans, except to hang out here at the house, grill a few good meals. Right now, I am off to mow the yard, between the rain that has been happening and expected again tonight.

So, what are your plans?

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I have the weekend off too, the kids and I are going to see a movie tomorrow afternoon and maybe eat out. Then they're going to their dad's for the 4th. I'll be watching rented movies and dyeing my hair. lol!

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My routine will be similar to yours Walks, but still not sure if I have monday off or not....will find out on Sunday....such is the life of air conditioning business....if it's quiet, I will...if it's crazy, I won't...but I do plan on eating good food regardless

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I have the weekend and all of next week off. I'm only working the week after because I volunteered.

Slept till noon today when my cat Yoko woke me to play. Drank warmed up coffee, surfed the net, and wondered what to eat for a couple hours. Drove into town and bought a load of softener salt and hit the grocery store. They had some nice ribeye steaks with a lean center and just enough fat around the outside to make good grill meat. Then I went home and had mashed potatos because I was suddenly struck with a craving for them... the steaks went in the fridge for another time. Washed a few loads of laundry and played with the cats for awhile. A sister just flew into town today so I went to meet her and another sisters house just in time for dinner. My dad was there working on her house and mom showed up later. Two little nieces were in high spirits so dinner was a rock & roll show. After dark we lit off some cheap fireworks and the kids cooked marshmallows with graham crackers and chocolate. We sat around drinking some coffee and Sangria until midnight and then I went home.

Supposed to go to the bar tomorrow and visit a female friend. Went to a bar last night to visit a female friend but a different one in another town. It sounds like I have girlfriends and a love life but no they are just friends... but maybe someday... you never know. About as close as I get to planning these days.

: )

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Well, I had planned for a quiet night alone...the kids aren't going to the ex's afterall. Not sure what that is all about. One kid says they were never going, the other had big plans. Oh, well... So, I thought it would be the three of us, went and got a few little fireworks for tonight and then this afternoon, a friend called to invite us to her mom's for a cookout and fireworks. They live out in the country. So, I guess we'll go out there for a little bit.

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I'm staying home and trying to make the dog comfortable with all the fireworks and thunderstorms....


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