Frustrated - Nothing Can Stop Leak in Windows

romy2004October 15, 2005

We own our own apartment in a cooperative building. Since we have lived here, there is one window in our second bedroom that leaks vigorously every time it rains. Management has sent a company to do the pointing three times, and it has not worked. We noticed that the windows do not look right and have pulled away from the frames. The water also coming in is rusty and we are wondering if the window and the frame needs to be replaced also. With the unusual heavy rains this week, actually seven out of the nine windows we have in our place had some sort of water leak. - many coming in from the bottom of the windows. My question is when can pointing be done successfully - two were done in October and one in June. Obviously the people sent in are not doing something right, but what is it? Maybe our windows need replacement or something like that?

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I suspect that your building has some fundamental flaws in the construction of the building envelope. Becasue you said the repair was to "point" I assume that you live in a brick building. Re-pointing the masonry and caulking around the windows won't stop leaks that are through the masonry and into the wall cavity. Your windows likely have no flashing around the perimeter. "rusty" water may be a sign of a brick veneer steel stud wall system where the wall studs are corroding in the cavity as well.

I would suggest that you have your management company open some holes in the walls where the leaks are and trace the water back to the source. It is simple enough to spray water on the wall and see when/where/how it is leaking.

Once this is understood a proper repair procedure can be designed.

Good luck

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flashing issues are what is sounds like to me also.

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Thanks to you both. Your advice is much appreciated.

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See also posts by Suzie_Snowflake on the Building A Home board. You may have more that "just" leaky windows.

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Thank you, Chi Sue. I did go over there and I do agree, this is more than "just" leaky windows. I really appreciate what you and the others have said. Maybe we can get to the bottom of this?

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