Approx cost to replace cabinets?

trpltongueMay 12, 2009

Hello all,

I just got some numbers from the design center for the new house I'm building and am having sticker shock from the cabinet pricing.

I have the following cabinets in the kitchen:

(7) - 36"Wx24"Dx34.5"H base cabinets with 2 doors

(7) - 36"Wx12"Dx42"H wall cabinets with 2 doors

(1) - 30"Wx12"Dx24"H over microwave wall cabinet with 2 doors

(1) - 36"Wx12"Dx12"H over fridge wall cabinet with 2 doors

(1) - 36"Wx24"Dx34.5"H under sink cabinet with 2 doors

(1) - 24"Wx24"Dx34.5"H base cabinet with 1 door

The standard choices are flat panel cabinet doors in a natural oak or maple. I was quoted $5600 to upgrade to cherry wood raised panel cabinets with burgandy stain.

That price seems unreasonable to me. I was just curious if it's possible to come in later and have someone remove the existing cabinets, save the granite countertop, then install new cabinets and re-install the granite?

I'm thinking it would probably cost the same or less, but I'd have an extra set of cabinets that I could use in other places around the home.

I'm going to swing by Home Depot today to ask them if that's something they can do but wanted to ask the experts first :)



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What is the total price?

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That's more than a reasonable price to go from a flat panel veneered door in oak to a solid wood raised panel in cherry. I think you are gonna have sticker shock on a lot of things!

Average kitchen remodels in the US are around 30K, and a new construction kitchen will be at that or even more, because you are putting in everything. About half of that budget is dedicated towards cabinetry, because that's the most permanent portion. It would be VERY difficult to remove the granite at a later time and reinstall it without potentially damaging it. Not to say it can't be done, but there is no stone company on the planet who would warrant against breakage. If you plan on redoing the kitchen so soon and going with different cabinets, then just have them put on laminate tops and give you the $$ difference as a credit towards something else. But, don't imagine that you'll get too much of a better deal than your builder is currently offering.

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In addition, although the average price of kitchen cabinets in most remodels is 15K, there are plenty of kitchens that are in the 75K cabinet range for an upscale remodel (or new build). It will depend on the price of the home and the area of the country it's located what price range might be appropriate to the construction. If you're spec'ing built in fridges and commercial style ranges, then the cabinet budget should be equally in line to be an appropriate choice.

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There really isn't a total price. The builder supplies flat panel maple or oak in a natural finish as the default. If I want to upgrade to a raised panel or different finish I have to pay to "upgrade".

The standard door is not veneered, but a solid-wood oak or maple. Is it really that expensive to move from solid maple flat panel to solid cherry raised panel?

I guess I was surprised because my friends recently had their entire kitchen cabinets replaced (hurricane Ike) and the total bill for raised panel solid-maple cabinets with natural finish was $4500 for almost exactly the same number of cabinets I'm looking to install.

So I was surprised that the "upgrade" was more than the cost of installing brand new cabinets.

Regarding the granite, I was afraid that it wouldn't be possible to remove and re-install :( The builder doesn't do "credits" so there isn't really any way for me to get that money back if I chose to go with laminate instead of granite :(

You're right about the sticker shock. The upgrades have basically all come in at exactly the same price as just buying new. For example, the upgrade from stainless GE standard wall oven to stainless GE profile convection wall oven is $2400. I can buy the same oven at Bestbuy for $2500. They're basically giving me $100 credit for the stock stainless GE wall oven (which retails for $1300).

I guess that's what you get when you work with a track home builder :(

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Also, don't forget this isn't a remodel, but a new build so the cost of the standard cabinets is already included in the price of the home. The $5600 is just the "upgrade" price, not the total cost of the cabinets.

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Russell that's a lot of cabinets. I didn't see mention of a pantry? I agree with everyone else regarding the pricing. Over the years we have purchased several new tract homes either to live in or for investment and any changes can be expensive. I made changes but if I had it to do over, I probably would just live with it for a while. The only one that I will still do, is change from electric to gas for cooking and for the dryer.

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Sounds about right, when you factor in his extra work involved in going outside his "norm".
For me, to upgrade to cherry from hickory was $1,800. All mine were raised panel to begin with. So, it sounds very close to being correct. You have a couple more cabinets than I did and are doing an upgrade to not only a lot more expensive wood, but the raised panel also.
I am experiencing sticker shock as well. My total cabinet quote went up by $1600 by just having a much better pantry and all drawer bases.

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I just started a 9'X 10' kitchen . All new shaker cheery cabinets with high end drawer guides / hinges 'dovetailed drawer ,plywood instead of melamine 16.5 K .

Friends did a cabinet reface with granite counters and it looks great .Others rave about Ikea's value ,if money is tight.

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My kitchen is large plus we did two huge pantries and a laundry room. Over 20K but included all our moldings end panels , flutes, self closing doors and drawers and full extension drawers some extras: spice rack, trash bin lazy susan. Also included all hardware and all pullout drawers in cabinets. It is not cheap that is just cabinets with install

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Thanks all for the insight. I do indeed have a pantry, but it's a built-in corner pantry hence no cabinets.

Sounds like the upgrade price is reasonable then. The frustrating thing is that the only reason we want to upgrade to cherry wood is because that is the only type of wood that they offer in burgandy stain. The builder knows what's going on. They only offer the most popular stain color in the most expensive wood forcing me to do a "double" upgrade to get the color I want. grrr... it's just frustrating paying for something you don't want, just to get something you do.

Thanks again for the reality check.

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Pay someone to restain the cabinets after the close of escrow. Oak has alot of grain like the cherry or get maple and stain it burgundy. A lot cheaper than replacing the cabinets.....Easy for me to say after living in tract homes with oak cabinets for the past 35 years and I'm now waiting for my cherry cabinets with raised arrive from Home Depot! :-)

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How much would it be to buy --not the upgrades-- but the actual cherry cabinets you want new and have the builder install them, then accept the oak cabs and save them for other storage as you planned?? In other words, you buy the cabs you want (hopefully for same or close to the upgrade cost), but accept delivery of the builder's cabinets and then use them later? Not sure this is feasible but would accomplish your goal w/out having to risk removing the granite later...

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You said he doesn't do "credits" - but what if you don't order cabinets or appliances from him at all, just have them installed later yourself? He'd have to give you something off the house price!

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