Wood Repair

tomdxOctober 10, 2010

I have significant termite damage on the outside of my front door jam, but it is repairable. Is their a special wood filler I should use, or I'm I ok using what I can get at Home Depot... Elmer's?



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Miwax High Performance Wood Filler (Bondo for wood) works very well, but it is expensive.

For larger areas remove the damaged wood and use a combination of new wood and the filler to make the repair.

If you leave any soft wood treat (at the edges of a repair) treat it with Wood Hardener before burying it under the repair.

Some folks swear Bondo works as well, but i have doubts about latex paint sticking long term.
It is also harder then the Minwax Filler.

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It's expensive but this is the correct product to use.


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I've had to do some patching of wood on outside areas. First dig out all the soft wood you can and treat in with the wood hardener. The best filler I've found, can't find the can. I think Durham. You mix it with water. Be sure to kind of shape it as best you can before it gets totally hard, just have to wait a few minutes. I think it's much better than the Elmers or Minwax stuff.. Then prime and paint.

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Forgot to mention. I did some repair on the bottom of a door frame, so about 1 1/2" deep or so because of rot. I did it in two sessions with a few days in between because I was concerned about such a think layer curing properly. I also waited a week or so until I primed/painted...(FYI The Durham stuff is a powder)

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"The best filler I've found, can't find the can. I think Durham."

Sounds like Duhram Rock Hard water putty.

It is not really suitable for outside exposure.

The straight epoxies work well for soaking in, but need a filler to do much building up.

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I used Plastic Wood to repair a hole rotted in a dormer vent. After sanding and painting it is good as new, saving at least $100 over a new one. I got it at a True Value hardware store and think is was DAP brand. Cost was reasonable-about $5 for a small can.

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DAP Plastic wood is lacquer with fillers (mostly calcium carbonate).
It hardens by solvent evaporation.

It does not work nearly as nicely as Minwax High Performance Filler. It uses styrene monomer and benzoyl peroxide as a catalyst and hardens by chemical reaction.
Setting time is usually less than 20 minutes is the temp in in the 70s.

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