last minute repair plaster wall etc. tips!?!?!?!

cottagecindyOctober 3, 2013

ok.... yep I'm the one with all the 'stuff" I'm fixing up rental
but THIS one is my fault -my cat pee'd by mistake (litter box was gone to be cleaned for one minute **BAD MOM**)
so I first searched for the area (days later) found it, pulled up the carpet, cut out the pad and carpet that was bad. Unfixable soaked etc. The subfloor (100 yr old wood that had seen its better days) and a piece of floor molding was shot. so I cleaned the floor and wood at molding area. with that cat pee killer, kills bacteria etc. let it air for a bunch of days. then kilnz (spelling?) on all wood. let that dry. even caulked the crack between the subfloor and wall. SO.....
now I have a piece of baseboard molding primed and painted. (a cr*ppy saw but I'm going to do my best) and I have a carpet repair guy coming tomorrow. It's too tricky for me to fix.
here's my dilemma....
when I pulled out the wet floor board, the paint on the plaster wall also came off (with the lovely other colors under it...LOL) so, I see the wall now )lath and plaster. but I see the hard stuff-feels like cement, I know it''s not but it's hard, and the paint did not pull off beyond that point.
BUT it IS loose so I could literally pull the entire wall of paint off piece by piece if I wanted too. (not use to old plaster walls)
Should I just go get plaster wall mud, (I know it's like sheetrock mud but made for plaster walls) smother it over this area down to the floor and over the loose piece of paint, if I sand the paint down, I swear the entire wall will slowly be coming off. there is no stopping point. Remember it IS just a rental, and the place is not up to code. no lead paint, and it's the back bedroom where cat litter is and spare guest bed.
I should do this today, since carpet guy is coming tomorrow then after he is done I can work on replacing the new piece of floor molding.

Am I doing the correct thing for the wall?? just putting the "mud" over the area I ripped off? (and of course I will repaint it, seal,prime,paint.....)
(I've made landlord do ENOUGH fixes and this IS my mess, and he knows I can fix it (we've been working as a team to fix up the place). I'm not redoing the entire wall.

Any last minute tips ?? Plz?? thank you soooo much.

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Buy the dry plaster compound that you mix with water. It has a very short working time (about 12 minutes according to the label), so only mix a small amount at a time, and start out with a relatively thin layer. Its easier to built it up a little at a time than it is to have a big sanding job at the then. Adding additional water to the mix does not extend the working time because its a chemical reaction as it sets. Just be patient.

I would also suggest one of the large drywall sanding pads from Home Depot or Lowes that are about 10" x 4" or larger. It will make it much easier to get a smooth finish. Smaller sanding blocks work okay but you will get ridges and swales because of the size of the block and because many of them are flexible. Larger, less flexible sanding pads work better to smooth out your mistakes.


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Been there done that!

I did what bcarlson78248 said except I was cheap - i used the light weight already mixed drywall patching compound for $6.

The trick was to use thin layers of compound and let each layer dry enough to blend it to the adjacent surface. It's impossible to work with when it is completely dry and dusts all over the place.

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