Elder hostle? Anyone ever try it?

itsmesuzqJuly 2, 2003

I have been browsing the web page for the elder hostel trips. I'm wondering if anyone here has ever taken advantage of one of these trips? They sound awesome, not to mention you can go anywhere in the US, as well as the world! I'm thinking seriously of booking a trip, but would like to know if anyone has any first hand experience.



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I've been on two trips with EH and had a wonderful time. One in Nogales, southern Arizona & one in Utah to a golf clinic. There were pros & cons to these trips, depending on YOU! If you're traveling solo, you may not be compatible to a room mate, so you pay extra for a single room. There is a certain amount of regimentation, which is necessary when there are groups of people to contend with. Accomodations are not Sheraton=Hilton quality, but I was always comfortable. They generally had some classes going on with resident speakers describing the history, past, present & future & talks about what you were going to see first hand so you pretty well would recognize what you were looking at. If your picky about food, you may be disappointed. We ate most breakfasts and some dinners where we were staying, a fixed menu, a couple of choices or buffet style. Food good, wholesome, certainly not gourmet!Taking long walks, lots of pictures and a "sack" lunch which was good. I traveled alone, had good roommates,met them & decided who slept in which bed, one would shower at night, the other in the a.m., enjoyed what I saw & did, but depending on what trip it was I also prepared myself physically for long walks, spent more money on shoes that were comfortable and somewhat broken in before I went. I also travel light! Read the brochures and study them, they are pretty explicit as to how you can handle the ups & downs of a trip. But most of all, maintain a postive attitude, be prepared to adjust to the people, both those on the tour & wherever your visitng. A sense of humor is a real asset too! Oh yes, I also took a deck of cards for some of the evenings when we would get together in our rooms for simple no brainer card games. Some of the people I met had been on many, many tours & it was interesting to hear their views.

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