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candlerJuly 26, 2014

Hello, everyone. I had to smile. I was looking for a discussion about coffee pot cleaning. I did a search on GW. One of the results was mine. In it I commented that I was 70.

Well, some years have definitely gone by. I hit 80 a few months back. For those still around from back then I hope you enjoyed our talks, too.

I think I actually began that topic with just Coffee Shop. Maybe not. On seeing a decline I know several tried to keep it more alive. Maybe the time had just run its course. Seems that's the case with much too much these days. Regards, Gene

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It seems like most forums have gotten very slow and I don't think that is a bad thing. It means they are busy with their families and lives.

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Hello, EmmaR. Well said. I originally came to this site a couple of years after my wife had died. I hope your are right. Regards, Gene

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If I am right I sure do envy them. I don't have any family......................................that I want to be with. So it is movies, books and jigsaw puzzles. LOL

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Gene, add vinegar and run the pot to clean.
For you great coffee shop folks, I wanted to let you know that Gerry1117, my sister who loved all things gardening and used to post here, died on March 7, 2014. After months of vague symptoms and having doctors thinking she had gall bladder issues, etc., she learned in late January that she had stage IV lung cancer. We miss her terribly. We have shared her books, her plants, her favorite coffee mugs, her journals, and lots of tears. If I knew how, I would post the Word file we shared with family and friends. I was with her at the end and we shared meaningful reflections.
Gerry's birthday is Nov. 17. I like to think she is going to be celebrating it with her oldest son who died at age 21.

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Becky, I'm sorry for your great loss. What was your sister's GW name?

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Kay, her GW name was Gerry1117. She had been off the garden forums for awhile but had really enjoyed them when she was an active poster. Thank you. Becky

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I'm sorry I don't remember this name. Just the same, she will be missed on the forums where she participated.

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Hello, Becky and everyone. Thank you very much for letting us know about Gerry. I'm very sorry. The news is very saddening. I hardly know what to say. I enjoyed the few times she and I were together. Also, our continuous email corresponding. She always spoke highly of her family and friends. She seemed to enjoy all of her contacts on the Garden Web. When she spoke of her pets it was always with a smile. I think her GW name might have been SwampSprite or maytbe that was her email. I'm not sure. I think the name came from her home area in S.C. She seemed to be proud to live there. From pictures I saw the name fit. Thanks again for letting us know. Regards, Gene

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Good morning, All. I sometimes wonder if I can break "old habits". I used an electric percolator until maybe the 60's or 70's. Then I went to the standard drip type of today. Along with that I've used brown filters ever since. Mine is a 12-cup. I recently bought a $15-$20 5-cup maker just to give it a try. It has a wire basket filter but I don't like what appears a messy way to remove grounds. I feel that removing grounds with a paper filter requires less overall effort. The only paper filter I've found for the 5-cup is white. I suppose its the bleached type I've read about. I've cleaned the 5-cup very well but have not yet used it thinking maybe one day I can find a brown filter. Yep, old habits. I've found brown "cone" filters but not 5-cup. They do not work. Regards, Gene

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Can't you just make the amount of coffee you want in your 12-cup and use those brown filters? Half the water and half the coffee would make 6 cups. One-third the water and one-third the coffee would make 4 cups.

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I used my 10 cup drip coffeemaker every day but only made two cups of coffee. I also used the brown filters. Now that I have bought a Keurig one cup, I only use the drip one for company.

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Hello everyone. Thanks for your help. I don't recall exactly how a fellow on TV phrases it. I guess I sometimes tend to hear/read sensible logic and substitute my own. I hope you get my drift.

This particular coffee issue began because my kitchen cabinets are too low. They were okay for my old coffee maker. About all 12-cups are now built with top-rising lids to access the reservoir and basket. I have to drag it out from under the cabinet to accommodate it, and myself.

I've studied coffee makers in stores and on the Net. Yes, just as you suggested, I am using brown filters; 6 ounces+ of coffee; and 20 ounces of water. I may or may not make an afternoon pot. My 5 cup maker is in the pantry along with white filters. My French press is in the pantry along with its peripherals. I have an electric percolator on a basement shelf.

I've seen coffee makers that might work but were up around $75-$100. Being that they might wind up on a pantry or basement shelf I passed. Thanks again. Gene

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Candler....could you cut the brown filters down somewhat to. Fit your 5 cup coffee maker? I love the French Presses and use mine often.

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Hello, mary7060 and others. Good thoughts about trimming the brown filters. I tried cutting the large ones to fit 5 cup maker. I'm not very artistic nor blessed with patience. I kept thinking I could flatten it enough to maintain a shape for the basket. It didn't happen. That doesn't mean it can't be done. It's just that I didn't spend enough time to see it if would work. You did toss out a thought for me to try a small white filter in the French press. My big hang up with the few times I tried it was removing the grounds. What a mess. Maybe cutting a different filter might work. Thanks again.

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