Wow This Is a Slooooooow forum

grammahonyJuly 10, 2005

Doesn't anybody ever check back in here?


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Yes, every couple three days depending on my free time. I also post over on the Cooking forum which is a high traffic forum with constant company. Just your posting will probably bring out a couple people here.

: )

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It is a very slow forum. I have all but given up. Many others have...


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Barbara, I looked at your web site. What a darling dog. My Mom has a shelty/sheltie?? too. She is about 13. Her name is BoPeep, Bo for short. I loved those little donkeys too. That baby is sooooooo cute. I also have day lilies, and will have to look closer at yours. I take it you sell some?

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Disregard the above posting. Duh, I have looked at another persons photos today too, and have them confused. Cute Sheltie though anyway.

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No problem Leslie! Callie is a doll... and sooooo smart. Took me a minute to scroll down so I wasn't sure if the donkeys were my nephews! Sometimes they are a pain in the * * * !!!

Nice to meet you!


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I check every couple months or so but not much going on.

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Yes, Leslie it's slow. Has been since I started coming here. Have you read some of the older posts?

Could it be so slow because it's limited now? The previous board was pay too? Maybe single life is just b-o-r-i-n-g and there's just no place for us. ;)

Haven't done any traveling the past couple of years since my other wing passed. I only do day or weekend trips now. When I am able to early retire I am planning a trip to China.

A friend and I are going to rent a USFS lookout for a couple of days soon. I've been there before and it's a great weekend place for those not people oriented.


Here is a link that might be useful: Oak Flat Lookout

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Yah, I don't get to travel as much as I'd like, since my hubby died, 5 years ago. We would drive. Well, he drove most of the time. I hate flying. Even so, Mom and I are going to Seattle in November, to see some family. I would rather drive. People always say, "Oh it is safer to fly, than drive." But I always say " If the engine quits, I can pull off the side of the road."
I retired early, 4 years ago, and I love every minute of it.

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Hi Everyone,

I just ran into this forum about a week ago. As I was reading just now, I though, this is a boring bunch of singles - no energy. So, I decided to post. I guess since this isn't a post here, it would be this way. However, I just wanted to check in. I hope that everyone comes back every once in a while to check in too.

I'm single - since divorce in 2K. My daughter passed away 13 years ago in a car accident, so I don't have immediate family. I have a sister and nephews and their kids, but that's just it - that's not "my" family. I'm blessed to have them, and I think we're as close as you would expect. But my nephews call their mom when they want to know about something, and not their aunt. But, all-in-all, I'm OK wiht being single. However, I just found out about the company Christmas party (this is a new job and I don't know folks yet). It would be nice to have a date. Guess I should start looking, huh...

Take care all. Hope you start posting again!!

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Good luck, gneegirl!

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Hey, there is someone here!! Thanks magoo!! I've been checking back here everyday because, OK, I don't have a lot going on other than trying not to do a kitchen re-do, but almost doing a kitchen re-do. Thanks for the kitchen forum!!

Maybe others will liven up here and get this thing going again.

Take care.


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I guess not...

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Don't give up. many of them said that they check in from time to time, so soon that time will come. I like this forum, even if it is slow.

Some that posted were not single, but you know what? Maybe they were for a long long time and so maybe they know what's it's all about.

Maybe some come here and look it over thinking it's supposed to be like Match, or Yahoo or E-Harmony. Maybe some come here looking for love. So what if they are? It'd be great for others to meet and find happiness. No that doesn't mean I'm interested like that. But it sure could be fun to see something like that develop here, wouldn't it?

yeah yeah, I know I'm a little old lady and maybe lots of us are, been there done that. No, I'm not a voyer (spelling) into some or anyones love life. What happens happens, as long as what should be private is kept private..


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Hi Linda, again. I responded to you other post. You know, sometimes it would be nice to have a "meet" forum, but you know, it would probably end up with more or the kind of people we don't want to meet - just like on those other sites. This way we are free and more open to be ourselves. Yes, private is good sometimes!!


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