shingles:gaf camelot v. camelot ii

organicsueOctober 16, 2012

Hi all -- in doing more internet searching for shingles and really making myself nuts with all the brands/lines, etc. I came across one I love the looks of -- the GAF Camelot, but it is a super-heavy shingle -- over 450 lbs per square, and very expensive. But GAF also makes the Camelot II -- which I understand from the manufacturer is about 280 lbs per square, and a lot less expensive -- but at the GAF website really, except for different colors -- they look virtually the same. How can that be? If anyone can shed any light on what I can expect down the road if I had these put up. I am afraid of shingles blowing off because they are thinner, etc. So if anyone is knowledgeable about the particular Camelot II, please let me know. Thanks very much!

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For years the standard in Architectural Roof Shingles was an asphalt based mat shingle that weighed in at about 300# per square. The fiberglass mat shingles which are prevalent today are going to be lighter due to the fiberglass as oppose to the asphalt mat. The Camelot II will be slightly thinner but should be no real difference in appearance the differnce being in the length of warranty due to the weight. The Camelot II was the standard for many years as their base Architect Shingle product with a 30 yr warranty. I think you would be fine with the Camelot II and they do have a 130 mph wind rating. I would be more concerned that they are installed by a competent roofer!

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Thanks so much for your input. Actually the warranty seems to be the same on both. So again, only difference I can see is the color choices, and as you said, the II would be a little thinner. I really should get to a supplier to look at the samples themselves if possible, because the boards they give out also will not show thickness. Thanks again!

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