anyone remove a granite top from cabinet w/o damage

happy2b…gwMay 22, 2010

Is there a way to remove a granite countertop from cabinet without damaging cabinet? If possible, will someone explain how to do it? The story which has not become a saga yet. Hopefully, it won't. Kitchen is 99% finished

(the backsplash not done), so this winter my husband remodeled a bathroom. We ordered a vanity that was complete with granite top over internet from Costco. When it was delivered the backsplash was crumbled. Costco is working on rectifying the problem. Returning the vanity to the store is not an option for us; it is way too heavy. Costco suggested sending another top, but no solution has been finalized yet. Everyone was so helpful when we were working out the details of the kitchen that I know that I can rely on your advice. Linda

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Depends on how the granite was attached in the first place. I know in DIY applications, there is a plywood layer that the slab rests on. You should be able to cut thru the granite into the plywood and chip the pieces out. Just set your circular saw to the thickness of the granite + a little [use the correct blade, wear ppe]. Then replace the plywood with a fresh layer. [this is how subfloors are removed]. Also, consider how much damage would occur with crowbarring the slab off? Maybe 1"? Perhaps damage is okay and some nicely finished trim is the answer?

However, it would probably be a better investment of your time to convince Costco to either (a) just send a new one [and forego the return] or (b) pay for return freight on the damaged unit. I can't imagine that the base is worth anything [to costco] as a return.

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Another suggestion: Costco cares big time about customer service and satisfaction. So, if this cabinet was drop-shipped from a manufacturer, make sure you are talking to a Costco employee about the problem, not just the partner company. I can't imagine Costco saying "we'll send you a new counter top and you can fix it yourself."

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When our kitchen was demo'd the granite was removed, whole, with no damage to it or the cabinets. The cabinets were frameless, medium or high density particle board with no plywood under the granite. I doubt your Costco vanity has an underlay so hopefully the granite will come off as easily as ours did.

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I wouldn't mess with this yourself. As others have said, Costco should make this right - they should send you an entire new unit and arrange for the return or the disposal of your damaged unit.

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