singles and dogs?

katrina_ellenJuly 27, 2011

Hi all,

I haven't posted here before and just found the site. I am divorced - for 20 yrs. now and never re-married. I am 58 yrs. old. My daughter gave me a bichon dog on a trial basis since I have never owned a dog before. The dog belonged to one of her clients who has breast cancer and sadly just went into hospice. The dog is 3 yrs. and 3 months old, "Briana" is her name. She is a nice dog but is used to LOTS of attention because her prior owner was retired and with no family, this was her baby. I work 40 hrs a week and counting driving time I am away 9 hrs. a day, plus I attend church on sundays and am generally gone for 4 hrs., plus the usual errands, time with friends, etc. Does anyone here have a dog that they leave while they are at work and other times and how do you think the dog has adjusted or not adjusted. I feel like I don't have enough time to make a good life for the dog leaving it so much, but maybe they can adjust? Thanks for any responses, I am really in limbo over this.

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Under those circumstances I would not own a dog. I think it is cruel. If you own a dog and then find yourself in that situation later, I would keep the dog rather than placing him somewhere else.

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Whats confusing is I keep getting two different opinions, some say its fine and the dog would adjust, others say too long. Anyone out there that works full time with a dog? I know theres lots of people who work and own dogs. I am looking for a consensus of opinion.

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You live a very active life, not just work.

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Vala-I have been trying to find someone to take the dog who would give it a good home but no success yet. I can't bear to see her at my daughters house because she is scared of her five dogs and she wouldn't even get the amount of attention I give her because she has 5 of them and works a lot. Thats not a good reason for me to have a dog, but I feel bad for the dog because she was raised with a lot of attention by the prior owner, plus I think that breed loves attention anyways. But it would be hard to live with the guilt of having her at my house all day by herself. I am in a quandary.

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You might as well keep it until you can find it a good home. given a little time I think you could find a home for it since it is a pure bred.

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Well just thought I would post an update. I found a home for her, but my daughter overrided me and found a home she wanted her to go to. I thought my people would be ideal, but since I only had the dog for a trial basis from my daughter it was ultimately her decision. But she is in a new and loving home and thats what matters. I would love to have a dog but I can't in good conscience leave her home alone 9 hrs. a day 5 days a week, so I believe I did the right thing. Other people may feel differently but this is what I think is best. Maybe a cat would work though.

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I live a solitary life and I really need a pet, but just not sure if it is the right decision because of my age. I can see why people live longer with a pet, it would keep your mind off the aging thing, being alone, etc.. It's not good to dwell on negative things, but it's hard not to.

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vala, a pet really takes your mind off of yourself and your problems. I would take a dog as number one choice. The little dog I had was such a companion. You could always adopt an older dog, they have less energy so not as much walking required. I would research the breeds to find a good fit for yourself. Good luck, I hope you can find the perfect pet for you.

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Thanks Katrina, I would want a dog that could walk a couple of miles with me. I am still leaning towards a poodles because of the no shed factor. I think a miniature would be large enough to walk the distance. I had poodles when I was younger and know what to expect from them. I need to keep looking.

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If you want a companion pet and are home a lot, then a dog can be a good choice. But as they are pack animals they can get stressed when their "pack mate" (you) is not there and they are alone.
If you are working full time (ie NOT home for long periods of time) one dog is not a good idea for the reason stated above, two dogs will keep each other company in your absence as long as you train them well and they are clear that you are the alpha member of the group. Otherwise a cat is a better choice as they are not a pack animal and while affectionate won't be too upset to be left alone during the day.

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collen, thanks for the response. I actually found the dog a home because I came to the conclusion that it would be too much alone time for the dog. I am thinking about a cat now.

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I am happy to inform you all, I have found a pet. In 6 weeks I will get a black female standard puppy. It is from a man who shows his dogs and wins. A brother of one of his was in The Westminster dog show. He bred his pair for more show dogs, not for the money. He will get the pick of the litter, then sell the rest. I told the lady who interviewed me for the invisible fence that the pup would cost $750. to $1,000. She wanted to know who the breeder was. When I told her she said, "honey get that dog, his are blackest poodles in this area and they are worth much more than he is asking." So my fence is in, a trainer will come when I get my pup for 3 training sessions for the fence. I am so excited I bought a few little things for the pup and am reading a training book.

Also I will make arrangements for a kennel to keep my dog if I have to go to the hospital and arranged with my POA to call the breeder to pick it up if anything should happen to me. I looked online for names and I decided on Molly.

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I'm chimming in late here, but Congrats Vala55 on your new puppy.
I have a dog and I work, socialize, and go to the barn (7 miles away) most evenings to spend time w/my horse.

I do feel guilty when I leave my dog for extended periods of time. But, he is getting old (15) so he does sleep alot. Even when I'm home w/him, he will follow me around then just sit and sleep.

Many people have dogs and work and have some social activities. While the ideal situation would be to be retired and home w/your pet the moritiy of the time. But the reality is to afford pets most people have to work. If only non-working people owned dogs, the shelters would be more over flowing than they are right now.

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I have a dalmation,i love my dog but i have to say pedigrees seem to cost more money ,i would not have another one, i would get a mongrel,pedigrees in my experience seem to be always at the vets.we had a family mongrel gowing up, who NEVER went to the vets,didnt even have its injections,lived untill it was 17 and then only died because it was hit by a bus,i swear that dog had years left in him,i do think dogs are better company than cats,but maybe thats because im a dog person,we took a cat in once because its owner died,errrgh have you ever tryed to get rid of cat fleas ,they dont die lol.Both my parents work full time and have two dogs,they are happy ,but maybe thats because there is two of them,i dont know,but you can tell when an animal is miserable,i swear mine goes in a mood with me and gets sneeped lol

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I have 2 dogs, work full time and have activities with my kids in the evenings. I noticed my dogs were not getting the attention they needed. Now, I get up 15 minutes earlier each morning to play with them. I take them to my kids sports and walk them with my kids practice. I go to bed a bit earlier too and bet them as they lay beside me. My kids throw the ball to them while I make dinner and other times when I tell them to. These little things have helped a lot. (they hate the car, so I can't take them everywhere)

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