Organization question (newbie)

cornishgirlJuly 20, 2008

Hi. I'm new to scrapbooking and would appreciate suggestions on the following:

1. I'm doing scrapbooks for each of my sons from birth to marriage and was wondering if, instead of doing the whole thing chronologically, I could divide it into sections, e.g. Family Holidays, Events, Growing Up, My Family (I would of course organize each section chronologically). Do you think this would work?

2. What is the best fairly inexpensive oval/circle cutter? Do I really need an elaborate machine, or is there something simpler. I saw a Fiskar's Ultra Shape Express Die Cutter -- could that be used for photographs?

Thanks. :)

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Angerman Hardwoods

I have been using Fiskar's Ultra Shape Express Die Cutter and it's not easy to use. I've slipped with the razor you'll have to rotate the cutter as the razor blade does not turn along inside the template and have damaged couple of my pictures. I'm keeping the templates and I hold the picture up on the window (lights through) to get where you want to cut out, mark with non-toxic on the back of the picture and cut out using the scissors. It takes more time but saves the hassles from damaging the pictures and myself!

By the way youÂll learn more and get quick answers (not many ppl come here - very slow) if you go to

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Thanks for the info. about the Shape Express. Think I'll look out for something else. Will also try the other web site.


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