Hole in polyester shell

davestexasMay 11, 2012

This is prolly the wrong place to ask, but do not see a better place, so please bear with me:

Yesterday I wore my rain jacket for the first time in a year or maybe more. Outer shell is polyester and I noticed a small 1/4" size hole in it. Color of shell is dark blue. How can I fix/repair this hole? Would a Hobby Lobby or similar place have something like an iron-on tape for this type repair? Better advice on this fix? Thank you, I appreciate all help.

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I'd be afraid an iron would melt the jacket fabric. You could sew on a small embroidery patch, depending on where the hole is. Maybe scatter several tiny flower patches in a decorative arrangement. Another thought is to use fabric glue, maybe there is a place you could trim a tiny piece off a seam allowance and slide it into the hole, then glue it. Good luck!

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If you have a small scrap of the fabric, you can use a fabric glue and put it on from the inside. If you use a teflon sheet you can press it without melting the fabric. But don't go very hot with the iron temperature.

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Thank you Kim. Thank you Laura. Fabric glue..hmmm, didn't know there was such a glue. Well I'll find some of that and follow the advice. I very-much appreciate the help. Thanks

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