Spot Repair / Patch Aluminum Siding with Vinyl?

snikcillaOctober 10, 2009


I'm having trouble finding a small bit of aluminum siding for a repair job (without having to special order).

Wondering if I can use Vinyl siding (which I can buy readily at Home Depot) to patch a small area next to existing aluminum siding?

Are the sizes the same? Would they inter-lock with each other? etc.

I know it may not look that great (which I'm not worried about), just need to know if it would logistically work?!

Thanks for any input--

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I would strongly assume that they won't interlock together.

They ARE different products, different manufacturer, and different materials.

Generically - the 'size' (for whatever your current reveal is) would be the same. Since siding is generally installed with several different standard 'reveal' options. ie: 5,6,8,10" reveals...

You mention HD. HD sells aluminum tape in their ducting, heating area... This is very thin stuff... but it is aluminum. For example - I have a role of 2.5" wide 'Nashua 324A' aluminum tape. Nashua is manufactured by Covcorp, in KY.

Can't you buy a small piece or short section of your current aluminum siding, and then just fold or glue, or tape that in?? Since your planning on jury rigging some vinyl - I'm just wondering why you don't do the same with aluminum instead.

Or possibly "I know it may not look that great (which I'm not worried about)" buy a piece of Cedar siding, or just use a piece of cedar board - which is extremely insect repellant - cut it to fit; wrap it up with some tar paper; cover that with the aluminum tape; nail it up; and than paint to match.

Thinking - since aluminum siding is going to be THIN - it might be better to purchase a board of James Hardi Cement Siding. This is thin - will not rot; costs only $6; wouldn't need to have tar paper; can be nailed up; and have the aluminum tape applied over it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nashua Tape manufacturer

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