Recommend a better mailbox

db4570October 23, 2013

I want to upgrade from the typical mailbox sold at home centers, but still keep a traditional style, in metal. I don't like the plastic ones, or the ornate fancy ones. I just want an old-fashioned mailbox on a post that is higher quality and a little more heavy-duty than the cheapies. I have seen some really heavy-gauge ones that are vandal proof, but they're overkill, and over $100.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


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Sophie Wheeler

Gibralter and Salsbury make good product. And yeah, you kinda do have to be close to $100 for a good box.

Don't forget the matching $128 post.

Here is a link that might be useful: 4800 Series Post-Mount Deluxe Rural Mailbox

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Get the box you want.

If you want it to be able to take the drivers who can't tell the difference between the road and the shoulder you need a post that can withstand there assault.

3' or 4 " PVC or Steel filled with concrete and set into the ground in concrete will take care of the drivers who have had a few to many.

Once they realize the cost of repair to there car is more then replacing the mailbox they tend to be a bit more careful.

( Thank my neighbor and his dumb-ass kids for this attitude.)

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